Aussie Broadband

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Aussie Broadband is an Australian telecommunications carrier (ISP) that provides internet, mobile and other telephony services to Australians.

The Victoria-based company was formed in 2008 after the amalgamation of Wideband Networks and Westvic Broadband.

In 2017, Aussie Broadband started providing NBN services, ceasing 3rd party reseller agreements.

In October 2018, Fetch and Aussie Broadband announced a partnership.

In 2019, Aussie Broadband upgraded its national and international networks to provide capacity for 500,000 customers with direct peering in Los Angeles, San Jose, and Singapore, as well as buying capacity on multiple international fibre optic cables.

Contact Details

3 Electra Avenue, MORWELL VIC 3840
03 5165 0000

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Company Activity

NEWS: Tagged in Appointments July 3, 202005 Jul 2020
NEWS: Tagged in Board Moves July 3, 202005 Jul 2020
NEW ROLE: Patrick Greene, Non-Executive Director05 Jul 2020
John Reisinger
NEW ROLE: John Reisinger, Co-Founder, Network Operations Manager05 Jul 2020
John Reisinger
NEW ROLE: John Reisinger, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director05 Jul 2020
Richard Dammery
NEW ROLE: Richard Dammery, Non-Executive Director05 Jul 2020
Vicky Papachristos
NEW ROLE: Vicky Papachristos, Non-Executive Director05 Jul 2020
Phillip Britt
NEW ROLE: Phillip Britt, Co-Founder, Managing Director05 Jul 2020
Adrian Fitzpatrick
NEW ROLE: Adrian Fitzpatrick, Non-Executive Chair05 Jul 2020


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