Politics & the Economy

Revenue tide lifts budget

A $2.4 billion surge in revenue above forecast levels helped the state government record a $1.3 billion operating surplus in the year to June, but the overall cash position of the budget is still in a deficit of $924 million.

Push for regulation of short-stay sector

Industry bodies are divided over a plan to increase regulation of short-stay accommodation providers such as Airbnb, with Tourism Council WA and the Australian Hotels Association among supporters of the proposed rules.

Synergy hit by $657m loss

Power utility Synergy has taken a $446 million impairment and reported a loss of $656.9 million in the year to June, which the state government-owned business said was driven by higher fixed costs as revenue fell.

Joyce worth every penny

OPINION: The recovery of Qantas highlights why government intervention is not necessary and good leadership should be rewarded.

Minderoo makes $US300m waste commitment

Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s Minderoo Foundation has announced a $US300 million ($440 million) commitment to establish a new industry-focused initiative to end worldwide plastic waste.

Inner Perth Australia's most liveable urban area

Inner Perth’s natural environment is among the characteristics that contribute to it being the most liveable metropolitan region in Australia, according to a recent report by Ipsos Australia.

Record WA iron ore and gold sales

A resurgent iron ore price and a record $A gold price underpinned a $30 billion increase in Western Australia's mineral and petroleum sales for the 2019 fiscal year, according to the state government.

Curtin launches its master plan

Treasurer Ben Wyatt says Curtin University’s $500 million investment in new facilities is indicative of the evolution of universities to provide a wider benefit to surrounding communities.

Port a solidarity test for Labor

OPINION: WA’s fraught journey towards creation of a new port near Perth has continued with a split in Labor ranks.

Uniformity needed on donations

One of Australia's most experienced electoral officials has called for a major shakeup in the regulation and reporting of political donations at federal and state levels.

Slow recovery in WA’s population growth

Western Australia’s annual population growth rate has lifted slightly to 1 per cent but continues to lag the national growth rate of 1.6 per cent.

WA jobless at 5.8%

Unemployment fell 0.1 percentage points in Western Australia in August to be 5.8 per cent, although the number of people employed full time fell by about 7,900.

Premier says China tension won't affect foreign buyer tax

Premier Mark McGowan says the state government has not considered scrapping its foreign buyer surcharge for residential property to help smooth over tension with Western Australia's biggest trading partner, despite rising concern over risks to the state’s economy.

ERA claims $7.5bn savings

Consumers have saved $7.5 billion through the Economic Regulation Authority’s tight leash on major utilities, according to chair Nicky Cusworth, but work is needed to make the state's rules regime more effective.

CBA, ANZ split on consumer confidence

Economists for two big banks are split on whether consumer confidence is rebounding as larger-than-normal tax refunds land in bank accounts.

Synergy wins $30m govt contract

Synergy has secured a substantial electricity supply deal with the North Metropolitan Health Service, one of several electricity contracts awarded by government agencies in the health and education sectors in recent months.

MUA leaves Unions WA

The Maritime Union of Australia has voted to break its affiliation with Unions WA in protest over the McGowan government’s plans for a new container port at Cockburn Sound.

Accounting for the surplus

There’s an economic significance to Australia delivering a current account surplus in the June quarter that reflects a wider trend than just strong exports.

$1.4bn for Landgate partial privatisation

The McGowan government has inked its biggest privatisation deal yet, with Landgate’s titles register to be operated by a consortium including industry superannuation funds and a Macquarie Group fund, in a deal worth $1.4 billion.

Women CFOs increase as chief executives drop

The number of women in executive leadership positions across Australia’s largest listed companies is slowly increasing according to a new report, with Emeco Holdings, Wesfarmers and South32 the top performers for Western Australia.

Study tracks changing Perth

Perth residents’ median age is up, they share their home with fewer people, but are much more likely to be working and paying off a housing loan than their forebears 70 years ago, a new study has found.