Politics & the Economy

Stability must follow election

OPINION: The musical chairs of PMs over the past decade must stop in the interests of the nation

Quality call in message to India

No market has more growth potential for Australia than India, says former Department of Foreign Affairs secretary Peter Varghese.

Export focus for development commission

The South West Development Commission has won a $400,000 contract to deliver the federal government’s Tradestart service in the southern parts of Western Australia.

WA wage growth lags nation

Wage growth in Western Australia has again come in at the lowest level in the nation in the year to March, prompting UnionsWA to call for workplace reform.

Beware the billions for businesses

Opinion: While politicians are showering favoured industries in cash this federal election, voters should remember the recent train wreck of Carnegie Clean Energy as a reminder that subsidies for businesses can flop badly.

Treasury expects quick fall in iron ore price

WA BUDGET: WA Treasury has revised its forecasting methodology for iron ore prices to assume that prices fall away quickly from the current inflated levels, which have provided a large boost to government coffers.

$52m extra for medical research

WA BUDGET: Medical research has received a substantial boost in the state budget, with the government allocating a further $52 million to its Future Health Research and Innovation Fund over three years.

TAB, Landgate sales moving

WA BUDGET: There are at least two parties interested in buying the TAB, with the state government committing to put part of the money raised towards replacing King Edward Memorial Hospital.

GST fix helps state into surplus

WA BUDGET: Federal infrastructure grants and reform of the GST have helped the state government project a $1.5 billion operating surplus in the upcoming financial year, although funding for the Ellenbrook rail line is largely absent.

WA’s jobless rate could go higher

OPINION: The stubbornly high level of unemployment – despite a stronger economy – has many worried, particularly as new mining technologies increasingly cut into workforces.

Who will champion WA in Canberra?

OPINION: Outlying states need their MPs to step up, but ministerial experience on both sides is a bit thin this time around.

Coleman's carbon concerns continue

The federal Labor opposition needs to lock down the details of its emissions policy before the impact will be clear, according to Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman, but the ability to buy international offsets will be key to keeping the cost of carbon reduction low.

Barnett, Lawrences on thinktank board

Colin Barnett, Carmen Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence are among the high profile names appointed to the UWA Public Policy Institute’s international advisory board today.

$60m biomass, solar plans for Collie axed

Govermment funds earmarked for a biomass energy plant and solar farm at Collie have been transferred to a new $60 million job creation fund that aims to create a long-term future for the town as coal mining winds down in coming years.

ALDI says it contributed $139m to WA

A report commissioned by ALDI has found the German supermarket giant contributed over $139 million to Western Australia’s economy in 2018.

Reports signal hope for WA economy

Western Australia's economy has been performing well below its long-term average but is showing signs of increasing economic momentum with growing exports and $73 billion of projects underway or under consideration, according to two new reports.

Election winner faces tough calls on economy

OPINION: Muffled by the drumbeat of election campaigning as Australia heads towards its May 18 poll is a more sinister noise, demands for a big cut in interest rates, or the dumping of “helicopter” cash on the community – or both.

Leaders make WA pledges ahead of debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised 1000 shipbuilding jobs at Henderson, and opposition leader Bill Shorten has pledged $75 million towards mining exploration, ahead of their debate tonight in Perth.

Minister questioned over WA mine approval

Federal Labor is calling on Environment Minister Melissa Price to explain why she approved a controversial uranium mine in Western Australia the day before the national election was called.

Friend or threat – looking at the heart of Huawei

Debate around the selection of Huawei to roll out the communications network for Metronet is just an example close to home of how the western world is grappling with the rise of the Chinese company as a technology powerhouse.

South Korea next for trade pact

South Korea should join Australia and 10 other nations in the second generation Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to Perth USAsia Centre chief executive Gordon Flake.