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Three things aged-care providers can do before the Royal Commission wringer

If the Royal Commission into Financial Services is anything to go by, Australian aged care providers are about to be put through the wringer. The terms of reference of the Royal Commission into Aged C

False optimism or real progress in WA?

People in WA are pretty excited right now. Well, not quite as excited as the kids counting down the days until Christmas. But as excited as you can get about the economy.

How to stop ‘customer-centricity’ being a meaningless mantra - Part two

The challenge facing any organisation seeking to develop a truly customer-centric culture is how to get past paying lip service to an ideal and build a focus on customers into the organisational DNA.

How to stop ‘customer-centricity’ being a meaningless mantra - Part one

The inescapable mantra across businesses (even government) today, is that the “customer” is at the core of what they do – the idea that “we live to serve”.

What #smashastrawb taught us about authentic customer-centricity

I don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten more strawberries in the last week than I have the whole year.

Three trends we can expect to see post-Royal Commission

The Australian financial services industry is undoubtedly facing a crisis of trust.

Why would anyone live in Perth?

When I was in Sydney for work recently, a Sydney-based colleague casually mentioned he’d been to Perth once. “I went to Perth for a night,” he said. “I spent a week.”

Why lazy customers could save you today but kill you tomorrow

In most businesses, customer apathy is not a good thing. If your customer is apathetic, they’re unlikely to feel loyal towards your business, let alone be an advocate for your brand.

The relationship between money and happiness

The recent news of the tragic suicides of two high profile individuals, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, is a timely reminder that money can’t buy happiness.

How serious are you about feedback?

Imagine if your ongoing employment in a company was contingent on receiving positive feedback from your peers and subordinates.

Rubbish in, rubbish out. The art of asking the right questions

My three-year old has just hit the “why” stage. “Where are we going mummy?” “To the shops.” “Why?” “To get some milk.” “But why are we getting some milk?” “Because we’ve run out.”

Putting lipstick on a pig is not the answer to growth and innovation

Last week I attended a webinar run by Dr Jeffrey Tobias, managing director of The Strategy Group, on business model transformation.

What the aged care industry can learn from financial planners

On the face of it, the aged care and financial planning sectors are worlds apart.

Facebook, cricket and the endless search to ‘know’ the customer

Over the last few weeks, those in the business of crisis management have been gifted more fodder for promoting their services than they could ever have hoped to get their hands on.

Is the data telling us WA has turned the corner?

Over the last two years, there’s been a lot of talk in the WA business community about the need for growth, yet the undertone has been one of survival.

Why trust is at the heart of the customer experience

It’s little wonder that trust in Australian institutions has hit a five-year low.

Is awareness the holy grail when it comes to measuring your brand?

Brand Tracking is one of the common ways for businesses to assess what people think about their brand and can provide some valuable insight into which areas to focus the marketing budget.

When did you last ask your customers if they were happy?

Communication. It's an essential ingredient in any relationship and yet we often underestimate its importance. 

Want to grow revenue without taking on more staff?

Growing a service-based business isn't easy.

What is business intelligence - and what problems can it solve?

What is business intelligence?Often when we think about business intelligence, we think about algorithms and machine learning and artificial intelligence.