IP & Patent Protection

Using Intellectual Property in HR

The most inane piece of corporate feel-good tripe being spouted by CEOs and middle managers is: "Our people are our biggest asset".

Why you're doing it wrong: anatomy of an IP-Centric Company, Part 1

As discussed in a previous article of mine, there are various types of intellectual property rights that can and should be used by business to generate shareholder value and create sustainable stepchange innovation. These are typically grouped as (i) patents for inventions, (ii) design registrations for new product shapes, (iii) copyright for literary or artistic works, and (iv) trade marks for brands and logos.

Birds of a Feather - How IP Rights Flock Together

Like any specialist, I live in a world peppered with jargon.

Yes, IP is the currency of the 21st century

It all started in June 2007 when a tall, attractive, blonde woman walked into a small copy shop in Surrey, UK. She had with her a folder containing a document of some 780 pages in length.

The Extreme Value of Intellectual Property

I start my public presentations on Intellectual Property (IP) with the statement: “IP is never an issue, until it’s an issue”.