Sarah Newton-Palmer

Developing effective leaders

Corporate psychopaths bring an unhealthy culture to the workplace and are a hindrance to profitability.

Build leadership on solid foundations

Effective leaders need to be skilled communicators, particularly when under pressure.

Two Halves make the whole on gender equality

DESPITE great strides forward towards gender equality in the 1960s, 1970s, and through to the 1990s, women remain under-represented at board level in top Australian companies.

Offer of hope gives leaders their power

MUCH of a leader’s power lies in their capacity to inspire others to action. To be able to do that, as noted by Napoleon Bonaparte, a leader must be a ‘dealer in hope’.

Get in touch with your EI source

A LOT has been written about emotional intelligence since the term was popularised by Daniel Goleman in his international best-selling book Emotional Intelligence, which erupted into the corporate wor

Holding onto your best and brightest

RESEARCH by Deloitte has highlighted that many companies are not doing a very good job holding onto key employees – especially future leaders.And others are unclear about what factors are drivin

High performance, crucial conversations

IF you reflect on a high-stakes situation you might have been in when outcomes were unclear, you will probably notice that it was a crucial conversation you successfully negotiated that was the linchp