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Supplier, buyer woodchip woes for Albany

It’s not just the collapse of agribusiness schemes in the southern tip of WA that is affecting the region.

Sale route taken for Great Southern land

THE ‘for sale’ sign will be swiftly put up on Great Southern’s substantial land holdings as the receiver seeks to recoup money for the bank creditors

Dealmakers confident of strong 2010

2009 was a tough year for the state’s dealmakers, but there’s a firm belief things have turned the corner.

Polaris, MinRes stock make significant gains

IN terms of shareholder gains, Polaris Metals stakeholders will be content with how the past 12 months unfolded.

Tough conditions result in 11th-hour deals

WHEN Tasmanian forestry products heavyweight Gunns missed out on securing the assets of defunct agribusiness company Timbercorp, those vying for assets of another failed timber company knew they were in trouble.

Hospital, schools dominate commercial property deals

HOMES in Mosman Park attract prices of $5,000 to $7,000 per square metre, depending on their proximity to the water.

Record payouts, failed prosecutions

THE corporate watchdog was left to lick its wounds late last year after suffering three failed trials in just over a month.

Gunns rejects Gt Southern scheme

Thousands of Great Southern investors are facing substantial losses after forestry heavyweight Gunns opted against resurrecting the 2007 timber scheme.

Gunns sidesteps Gt Southern question

Tasmanian forestry company Gunns declined to comment on projected investor returns for the defunct Great Southern timber schemes, moments before asking investors to support its proposal to take over the projects.

Gunns to win Gt Southern projects

Out-of-pocket Great Southern investors are on the verge of installing Gunns to take over the defunct timber projects, after a lengthy meeting in Sydney today.

Gunns closes in on Gt Southern schemes

Tasmanian company Gunns is moving towards gaining control over several of Great Southern's early timber schemes, according to proxy numbers, although later schemes are still under a question mark.

Gt Southern olive schemes wound-up

Great Southern receiver McGrathNicol has opted to wind up the olive schemes operated by the fallen agribusiness company after failing to overcome a stalemate with two of the biggest names in Western Australian horticulture.

Fund manager buys more Plan B

Microcap fund manager Acorn Capital has increased its stake in listed Perth-based financial planning firm Plan B Group Holdings to control almost 10 per cent of the voting power.

Pulpwood signs off

AS one out-of-pocket investor left the Pulpwood Plantations meeting last week, he noted that the heads of the fallen bid to take over Great Southern timber schemes could have done something to ease the pain.

Overwhelming failure by governments to comprehend workforce shortage urgency

Despite the onset of massive projects, Western Australia has not been handed the carte blanche to employ foreign workers given to the Snowy Mountains Scheme 60 years ago.

Concern over Canberra’s policy input as business claims special circumstances

WA employers want more input into federal policy in order to stop a repeat of the ‘Karratha problem’.

SMEC winds down Perth office

The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation is winding down its St George's Terrace office, after years of struggling to make the Perth outpost a profitable venture.

Pulpwood withdraws Great Southern bid

The Pulpwood Plantations proposal to take over Great Southern timber schemes was withdrawn today before the official vote was to take place, as attention now turns towards rival bidder Gunns.

Money worries cost busineses

DURING times of economic uncertainty, it's normal for company bosses to explore every nook and cranny in search of opportunities to increase efficiencies.

WA proposals derailed in Gt Southern bid

The anointing of a rival bidder by research houses means Pulpwood Plantations is an outsider to secure the necessary votes this week to take over Great Southern timber schemes.

Martin concedes Gt Southern bid defeat

Western Australian industrialist Gordon Martin has conceded defeat in his bid to take control of Great Southern's timber schemes.

Gt Southern bid in strife with regulator

Tony Jack's bid to take control of Great Southern's timber schemes has caught the attention of the corporate regulator after projections contained in its proposal were deemed inappropriate.

Crisis not reflected in executive pay slips

The pay packets of top executives at Western Australian companies have been largely unaffected by the global meltdown.

Crisis sends options ‘underwater’

SHARE options are a common part of high-level remuneration packages intended to be powerful incentives for company executives- but they can quickly go 'underwater' when markets tumble.

How to spot a bargain chief executive

IF you measure the value of a chief executive by the salary he or she takes and compare it to what heads of similar size companies receive, Andrew Forrest would come out on top in Western Australia year in, year out.

Tony Jack blasts Great Southern receiver

Local forestry veteran Tony Jack has accused receiver McGrathNicol of using his bid for the collapsed Great Southern timber schemes to find a better deal for the bank creditors at the expense of out-of-pocket investors.

Bid to reclaim Gt Southern assets rejected

Managed investment schemes face tough times after the latest round of collapses.

Promoters, advisers reap harvest while projects and investors go begging

It’s a taxing time for the agribusiness managed investment scheme sector.

Cash-flow woes sink Great Southern

Almost one year before Great Southern collapsed under a mountain of debt, board members of the agribusiness provider were acutely aware the company faced a serious cash-flow problem.

Autopsy reveals $352m Gt Southern loss

Former agribusiness heavyweight Great Southern was losing hundreds of millions of dollars in the months leading up to its collapse as it continued to raise money from investors.

Gt Southern investors seek lease control

Great Southern investors are working on a plan to take back control of assets located on some of the breached third-party leases.


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Riley sale leaves creditors out of pocket

WHEN national facilities manager Spotless Group announced last week it had acquired the assets and naming rights of Riley Shelley - a painting and services business co-owned by Perth businessman Ian Riley - the market was not told the remains of the compa

Debt-free Paladio outshines rivals

A debt-free Belmont-based Paladio Group has outshone its rivals in the listed mining contractor sector by avoiding the use of leverage.

Local miners lured to Malawi

WA miners are being attracted to Malawi thanks to its pro-development and mining government.

PROFILE : ANDREW BOLT- Perth Concert Hall GM

Perth Concert Hall GM Andrew Bolt knows attention to detail is key.