Wine group looks to a wider world

22/07/2003 - 22:00


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EVANS and Tate has renamed itself Evans and Tate Wine Group in an effort to better market its operations internationally.

According to Evans and Tate Wine Group chief executive officer Franklin Tate, the name change will help communicate the group’s diversified business.

“In 1970 our business was singular and easily defined; 33 years later we are a diversified business, operating down the entire production and distribution line from vine to market,” he said.

While the name Evans and Tate had strong brand awareness in Australia it needed to communicate its business better offshore, according to Evans and Tate Wine Group general manager planning and communications Andrew Wagstaff.

“One of the reasons we have done this is that, as the company has grown over time, its operations have expanded. But our corporate brand was a product brand,” Mr Wagstaff said.

“We have four viticulture operations in four locations in Australia and they all need brand identity and what we are doing is providing that.

“Evans and Tate Margaret River is the brand you will see when you are at the Margaret River property.”

Mr Wagstaff said incorporating the word ‘wine’ was as important as using ‘group’.

“We are really well known in the domestic market but not so much overseas. When you hand out business cards and send out letterheads, Evans and Tate doesn’t mean anything, what is it? You need to put yourself in the position of a trader in South Korea or a retailer in Canada,” he said.

The new logo, designed by Turner Design, will be used as corporate badging but not replicated onto wine product labels Mr Wagstaff said.


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