04/06/2020 - 08:18

Unlock the web: the importance of digital accessibility

04/06/2020 - 08:18


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Over the past few weeks enforced social distancing has meant being digital has been our only link to the outside world.  Yet for those one in five people living with a disability, or members of society who aren’t as technology savvy, it’s left them feeling even more isolated. 

Most businesses don’t realise the issues preventing people from using their websites easily.  The most common accessibility issues include proper structure allowing screen reader users to hear the content correctly, lack of colour contrast which prevents those who are colour blind or suffer from photosensitivity, lack of visible focus for keyboard-only users, and poorly designed web forms. Many of these issues affect all users, not just those with disabilities. We have all been faced with poorly designed websites and understand the frustration that must be felt by people with accessibility issues. Web Key IT can help identify and solve these issues. 

Digital accessibility specialist Web Key IT Director Vivienne Conway said with current restrictions on people’s ability to visit stores and services, never before has the accessibility of businesses online been more necessary. 

“Businesses need to  consider that with employees working remotely,  Intranet and other digital documents and resources need to be fully accessible for them,” Dr Conway said.

Digital accessibility principles are similar for designing for mobile devices first, which translates into the desktop user receiving an even better experience- if the website works well on a small screen, it will probably work even better on a large screen. If a website works well for someone with disabilities it will work with all users.

“When we truly embrace digital accessibility, not only do we meet our local legislative and International human rights obligations, but we also reduce costs, and build our internal capacity for design and innovation.  Our clients become our partners in building for universal design and they in turn build partnerships with their customers, continually creating delightful user experiences.” Director Web Key IT Dr Vivienne Conway.

Web Key IT offers a full suite of services designed to help clients meet their objectives and comply with legislation in terms of digital accessibility. 

It’s not just in this time that having a digital accessible business is important, as digital accessibility is a basic human right. We disable others by putting obstacles in their path, such as poor design.

It allows business to have an increased market availability, reduced website maintenance, improved search engine optimisation, compliance by law, less complaints in addition to cleaner branding, coding and communication. 

Web Key IT assists organisations with web-based programs and information to meet the needs of people with disabilities as well as to understand their legal requirements for website accessibility and develop the tools needed to meet the internationally recognised website standards. 

Web Key IT’s  team of Website Analysts and Usability Analysts (who are living with disability)  are experts in their field and ready to assist you . They can provide audit and accreditation, training, consulting and document remediation to accessibility standards.

Together, let’s unlock the web!

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