14/09/2015 - 09:01

Triton produces wonder product in Singapore lab

14/09/2015 - 09:01


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Graphite product from Triton Minerals Mozambique project successfully converts to graphene oxide.

Triton produces wonder product in Singapore lab

Perth based Triton Minerals may have just opened up a myriad of different world wide markets by successfully converting graphite product from their Mozambique project branded “TMG product” into the holy grail of graphite materials known as “Graphene” and “Graphene Oxide”.

Whilst the scientific community is still grappling with this unique material it is generally accepted that Graphene and Graphene Oxide now has an amazing array of potential commercial uses.

Just some of those uses include lithium ion batteries for the colossal mobile phone battery market, batteries for electric vehicles, a whole raft of electronic applications, photovoltaic cells, filtration, biomedical applications and much more.

As graphene is extremely strong, very stiff and ultra-light, it is also being considered as a replacement for steel structures in things like aeroplanes and other weight sensitive applications.

Triton’s Managing Director & CEO Brad Boyle said: “The successful production of the Graphene Oxide and Graphene through standard industrial techniques, once again demonstrates the high quality and versatility of the TMG products.”

“The remarkable properties of Graphene are well known and now that TMG has shown to be ideally suited to create the wonder material, this now creates further possibilities for Triton to expand their market presence and to explore an even broader client base and revenue streams.” Said Mr Boyle

Research by the company has found that graphene oxide solution is sold commercially in a diluted form for of up to $400 for just 250ml of product potentially making Triton’s TMG product economically attractive.

Whilst not all graphite deposits are suitable for the production of graphene and graphene oxide, the company’s recent lab tests conducted in a Government sponsored Singaporian laboratory have given Triton great hope that they are on the verge of supplying a cutting edge product to a plethora of world wide markets. 


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