21/08/2015 - 07:18

Triton graphite suitable for multi-billion dollar battery market

21/08/2015 - 07:18


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Lithium ion battery market expected to be worth $26b within a decade

Triton graphite suitable for multi-billion dollar battery market
Nicanda Hill graphite operation

Perth based graphite heavy weight Triton Minerals has successfully produced samples of highly sought after battery grade graphite from its Nicanda Hill project in Mozambique.

Long considered the holy grail of a graphite resource , “spherical graphite” is suitable for the colossal lithium ion battery market that includes the burgeoning mobile phone and electric vehicle battery markets.

The company recently confirmed that initial tests undertaken by an American laboratory using jet milling equipment successfully produced the highly coveted spherical graphite that is suitable for the lithium ion battery market.

The company will now consider the benefits of incorporating a scaled production process of spherical graphite into future product streams.

Around 25000 tonnes of very expensive man made “synthetic graphite” produced as a by-product from refining oil is manufactured each year to service the lithium ion battery market.

Triton claims to be able to produce naturally occurring high quality flake graphite at a fraction of the cost of the synthetic product potentially enabling it to be a disruptive player in world graphite markets.

Worldwide revenues from the lithium ion battery market are expected to grow from around $8b in 2015 to well over $26b in the next decade.

As the owner of the largest high grade flake graphite deposit in the world, Triton Minerals are uniquely positioning themselves in a market place that is rapidly being recognized for its size and long term growth potential. 


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