Too few enjoy the lucky country

Fear mongering over the size of Australia’s population is founded in ignorance.


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With reference to the article (Too few enjoy the lucky country - Joseph Poprzeczny 13 May 2013) reference is made to 'one truly retrograde trend' - 'Australia, quite frankly, is deficient in children, and has been so for quite some time'. This article clearly is prefaced upon the desire to advance Australia's population for economic and capital growth reasons. As a fully engaged business owner, I understand this sentiment and its raison d'être. The article however chooses to ignore or omit other very real retrograde trends facing our land. I simply pose two examples; This country has witnessed more animal species extinction in the last 150 years than any other nation/continent on earth. If species extinction is a 'litmus test' for sustainable populations, then is this not a retrograde trend? If it is, what does the writer propose to do about it because championing population growth is not mitigating the issue. Secondly, this country does not currently have the capacity nor infrastructure to sustainably provide reliable sources of drinking water to this proposed growing population. If we are to follow the path of 'uninhibited' (the article did not propose any controls or limits) population growth then where is the solid planning to create real, cost effective and sustainable foundations for this growth? I pose that largesse is not always good.......sustainability in the longer term is? Please consider.

South Perth
There is no doubt some or much truth in Ian Blevin's contention regarding "animal species extention". But could I suggest that this is largely due to introduced species like foxes, cats, wild dogs, inappropriate fish in our few rivers and riverlettes, and the like. Rather than seeing Australia's human population somehow limited to 23 million, or fewer, humans, I would suggest that a concerted effort by all state governments be made to eradicate these killers of native fauna. After that, especially across our grain and stock raising fields, a proper net work of sanctuaries and parks should continue being promoted. Those two moves - done with vigour and determination - are far more preferrable than seeing the number of children being born further reduced. Joseph Poprzeczny.

Mr Poprzeczny, Australia's birth rate (number of births per '000) is DOUBLE its death rate. In 2012, there were around 300,000 births, and around 150,000 deaths. That is hardly a failure to replace ourselves! If we balance immigration with emigration, which we should do ASAP, we will still have natural growth of up to 3 million people, and well into the 2030s! Thankfully, it would then stabilise before we reach around 26 million. If we do stabilise at around 26m, and keep resources like water, food and land affordable, women/couples will likely decide to continue to have around 2 children each as they currently do. Your flimsy fearmongering about Australia being "deficient in children" is not supported by the evidence. It's time to think BETTER, NOT BIGGER and ensure we stabilise population in order to protect and pass on a better qualkity of life to our children and grandchildren. To do this, we need to vote for the STABLE POPULATION PARTY, not The Greens, who are morally confused on the population issue.

Joe Poprzeczny apparently likes to drive his car while looking out of the rear view mirror because on the issue of population, he is certainly not looking ahead. Mr Poprzeczny is deeply out of step with the vast majority of Australians who according to a recent Galaxy poll favour a stable population outcome by a ratio of 7 to 3. Its is a basic law of biology that you cannot grow for ever in a finite environment. We only have one planet and over the past 20 odd years, we have been living beyond the planet's ability to support a population that is expanding locally by 370,000 pa and globally by 80 million per annum. Peter Strachan Senate Candidate Stable Population Party

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