24/09/2021 - 15:28

The right time to consider your future

24/09/2021 - 15:28


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After nearly two years, the COVID pandemic has caused people the world over to rethink the way they live and work. For many, the changes have upset the equilibrium they previously enjoyed, leading them to ask difficult questions, especially when it comes to their careers.

Do I enjoy my work? Is it sufficiently challenging? Am I spending enough time with my family? Am I doing enough to help others? Am I making enough of a difference?

But we haven’t simply looked inward. We have also found new heroes during the pandemic. Healthcare professionals, politicians, academics, researchers, business leaders and others who are enjoying newfound prominence after years of dedication. They are an inspiration in the face of a global challenge.

Which leads to the question – is now the time to grow and learn, to challenge myself to take a new direction, to find a new career path? And how do I get there? Is now the time to make a contribution to something bigger?

For many, the answer will be postgraduate study. Australia is fortunate to have world-class universities.

At Edith Cowan University, we offer a diverse range of areas of postgraduate study, with flexible study options.  From Graduate Certificates to a PhD, our students are working towards a variety of highly relevant new qualifications. Central to their studies are our leading academics, all of whom are industry professionals with vast experience in their fields. Our academics are also working to make a real difference during the pandemic, sharing their insight and expertise to make a positive impact.

Associate Dean of the School of Medical and Health Sciences, Professor Amanda Devine has dedicated her career to public health, specialising in nutrition research and education. Her work has aimed to reduce chronic disease and promote the wellbeing of entire communities. The Public Health team’s recent research into vaccination in Aboriginal children provides a useful example of how research and community education can be an important first step towards better health outcomes. It’s a vital area in need of improved understanding. Whether it’s Public Health, Paramedicine, Occupational Health and Safety or Disaster and Emergency Response, there are many areas of opportunity for health related postgraduate study at ECU.

As hospitals, governments and businesses seek to manage the ongoing pandemic, understanding how people and institutions function has never been more crucial. Professor Pi-Shen Seet from ECU’s School of Business and Law, specialises in entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as international business and human resource management. He has published research related to major organisational disruptions and innovations because of the COVID restrictions, as well as policy changes needed in post-pandemic training and skills development. As part of an MBA program, Professor Seet and his colleagues engage with students in contemporary and critical areas of research and study, from Business Administration to Supply Chain and Logistics, and Health Care Leadership and Management. An MBA at ECU also encompasses researching and developing practical solutions to crises, a timely and relevant skill.

Another area of growing importance is data. If you are fascinated by how data is collected and analysed, you’ll find like-minded people at ECU. Dr Stacey Reinke, a computational biologist at ECU’s School of Science, has considerable expertise in clinical and biomedical metabolomics. She applies her knowledge of statistics, data science, and biochemistry to understand respiratory disease, and during the pandemic studied the biochemical changes associated with asthma treatment. Her work seeks to not only have a positive impact on the lives of patients suffering from disease and to mitigate its effects, but to also share that knowledge with her postgraduate students.

All of our postgraduate students come with different needs and goals. Many study while working full-time. Many study online. They come from all backgrounds, coming together to learn and research. Our academics are passionate about providing a rich, well-supported environment for research and learning, no matter your focus. If you believe now is the time to further your knowledge and experience, ECU offers an environment where challenging accepted wisdom leads to new discoveries and new ways of thinking



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