The innovator in your backyard

13/11/2018 - 11:48


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The innovator in your backyard
Sarah Davis and Andrew Jackson, the second-generation leaders driving the business.

Second-generation family business Kreepy Krauly has been making waves in the pool industry since 1976.

For more than 40 years Kreepy Krauly has given Australians freedom from the gruelling task of cleaning a swimming pool.

With its ‘set and forget’ function the Kreepy Krauly has made its way around pools worldwide, sucking up unwanted debris and the unsuspecting insects, praised as a time-saving device that has since become a household name.

So it may come as a surprise to some that this second-generation family business that started in 1976, had its humble beginnings in Perth.

And perhaps even more of a shock that we are still proudly Western Australian, operating and manufacturing pool cleaners out of our custom built facility in Osborne Park.

Founded by Terry Jackson with the support of his wife, Valeelai, Kreepy Krauly has come a long way from early prototypes of wood, rubber and vacuum formed plastics to high-quality materials and silicon that are UV, salt and chemical resistant.

It has been Terry’s passion for innovation that has seen Kreepy Krauly evolve and stay relevant for decades, and a mindset that continues to shape the business today, now led by son and daughter Andrew Jackson and Sarah Davis.

Driving innovation for 40+ years

A lot has changed since Kreepy Krauly’s debut in 1976.

But as culture, lifestyles and pools themselves advanced, so too has the Kreepy Krauly.

We’ve moved with the times and ditched our manuals with photos of bikini-clad models to technical line drawings, more user-friendly guides and online instructional videos.

With the rise of double income households, pool owners became increasingly time poor, so we invested more into hassle-free, fully automatic systems.

As affordable pool heating options emerged, extending the swim season beyond summer, that didn’t phase us either - we delivered a year-round swim-ready solution to keep winter’s signature algae at bay. All of our cleaners are made from the highest quality materials that are UV and chemically resistant. Aussie tough.

When pools progressed from smooth concrete kidney bean structures to modern geometric- shaped fibreglass, we adapted again, modifying the traditional Kreepy Krauly.

And we also expanded our range; we developed the Sprinta Plus from the ground up to be lightweight and unstickable, with a straight through turbine to handle large debris and the trickiest of pool shapes and sizes.

Entering the 21st century, technological and research advancements opened the door to new materials and we introduced a silicon seal, providing a longer lasting seal solution that was naturally chemical resistant and harder wearing.

Then the digital revolution hit and we dived straight in, offering online support, as well as online and instore pool cleaner selector tool to match customers with the right cleaner for their unique needs.

Next, eCommerce surfaced and we embraced the 21st century business model in a new way.

Every online sale and delivery is paired with a local brick-and-mortar pool store, maintaining our commitment to local industry while ensuring local service and support for customers.

We sucked up every challenge thrown at us time and time again, cleaning out competitors by continuously adapting to changing needs with constant product improvements.

Making a splash

In 2018, Kreepy Krauly was inducted into the Family Business Australia Hall of Fame, a national honour recognising those businesses that have positively impacted and contributed to the community and economy across many years.

A lot has changed during our more than 40-year-plus lifespan; from advances in pool design, technology and automation, to the internet and passing the leadership baton to the second- generation of Jacksons.

But there are some things that have remained constant at Kreepy Krauly.

Beyond keeping it in the family, we’ve maintained our hometown roots and our position as an advocate for local innovation and jobs.

And quality has always been at the forefront of everything we do - we still have Kreepy Kraulys out there celebrating over 25 years in service, cared for by loving pool owners.

From day one we’ve been governed by our core values of being proud of what we create, ensuring design, material selection and customer support is second to none.

We don’t design fad disposable cleaners, we deliver a reliable, built-to-last Australian product.

It’s for these reasons that Kreepy Krauly’s reputation is as spotless as the pools we clean and why we’ve upheld the title of Australia’s most trusted and reliable brand of automatic pool cleaners for more than 40 years.

We’re looking forward to leading the next 40 years of pool industry innovation.

For all your pool cleaning needs visit us online at or give us acall on 1800 777 255. Want to learn more? Check out our pool professors at and follow us on social media or #kreepykraulyau.


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