28/03/2019 - 11:53

TNG applies to trade mark its valuable titania pigment

28/03/2019 - 11:53


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TNG Ltd has applied to trade mark its high-quality, low iron titania pigment produced via hydrometallurgical processing of ore feedstock from the Mount Peake multi-commodity mine near Alice Springs in the NT. The product’s main use is in paint additives and coatings applications, so the minuscule iron content is a bonus, as it enhances the “brightness” of the tint and inhibits corrosion.

TNG applies to trade mark its valuable titania pigment
TNG Managing Director Paul Burton

TNG Ltd has recognised the latent value of the high-quality, processed titanium dioxide pigment generated from its Mount Peake multi-commodity project, saying this week it had applied for a trade mark for the product.

The unique colouring dye to be named “TNG360” was generated from the company’s proprietary TIVAN hydrometallurgical process and if approved by regulators, it will be recognised globally to distinguish TNG’s product from its competitors.

The basis of the trade mark highlights the particular “whiteness” of the pigment due to the very low iron content of the ore feedstock, which ordinarily imparts a weak yellow undertone to the finished product after processing.

The titania pigment’s main use is in paint additives and coatings applications, so the minuscule iron content is a significant bonus to TNG and enhances the “brightness” of the tint and inhibits corrosion.

The company will now seek to develop a broader range of trade-marked products, aimed at the plastics, cosmetics and pharma industries, where iron content is not as critical.

TNG’s process and feedstock will also have a low environmental impact, which is an important competitive advantage, as offtake customers strive to meet their socially responsible, sustainable development targets.

According to the company, registration of the TNG360 trade mark is an effective communication tool and an asset to create longer-term value for TNG.

Managing Director Paul Burton said: “By lodging this trademark application, TNG is moving not only to protect our IP in respect of the high-purity TiO2 pigment process we successfully developed last year, but also to ensure that our unique, high-value product will be recognisable globally and distinguished from our competitors.”

“This is an important part of our overall strategic development and, together with our patented TIVAN Process, represents an asset that will create long-term value for TNG.”

Logistically, the company is finalising its environment statement and permitting processes for both the Mount Peake mine site and infrastructure requirements and its proposed TIVAN downstream processing plant facility, to be constructed close to Darwin Port.

This plant will produce three high-value finished materials for export, including the titanium pigment, vanadium pentoxide flake and iron oxide pellets.

A comprehensive Mine Management Plan, or “MMP”, for the mine site and infrastructure at Mount Peake, will be submitted next quarter to the NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources, with whom TNG has been consulting to avoid unnecessary delays in approving the mine.

The Mount Peake project has an ore reserve of 41.1 million tonnes grading 0.42% vanadium pentoxide, 7.99% titanium dioxide and 28% iron.

It is forecast to produce 3.5 million tonnes of titanium pigment, 243,000 tonnes of high-purity vanadium pentoxide and 10.6 million tonnes of high-grade iron oxide during its initial 17-year mine life.

The company’s proprietary TIVAN process is a method for treating ore without the need for expensive, energy-intensive roasting and produces the titanium feedstock with low iron content.

These unique and desirable properties may well pay off in spades, now TNG has formally registered a trade mark for the valuable product.


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