28/05/2020 - 13:48

Supporting Local Government

28/05/2020 - 13:48


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At Moore Australia, we understand local government’s unique challenges and opportunities and we want to work with you to help you service your local communities to meet your objectives.

Moore Australia (WA) offers a unique depth and breadth of services to local government which has been built by strong relationships with our clients. Our brand philosophy is to be immersive in our approach, provide genuine support and offer practical solutions.

Some of our key offerings include:

  • Accounting Advice
  • Audit
  • Data Analytics
  • Governance and Policy Support
  • Integrated Planning and Reporting
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Advisory
  • Risk Advisory
  • Specialised Training Workshops
  • WALGA Tax Service


Expert knowledge

Having specialist experience in the sector for over three decades, our team has the most collective years of local government experience in Western Australia. That experience enables us to provide powerful insights, knowledge and astute advice on matters affecting local government. Our team will highlight areas where we can assist, and our timely advice will help you make the right decisions. We will not only help ensure you are compliant with your regulatory obligations but keep you up to date with what lies ahead. Our expert knowledge saves you time and money.

Holistic approach

Our services complement one another and allow us to offer a unique holistic approach for your local government. This allows us to design and implement a solution customized to your specific needs, enabling for a successful outcome. It also means we can provide “big picture” advice to keep you at the forefront of change and advise you on how to be best positioned for the future.

Removing complexity

Our advice will enable you to navigate through the multitude of challenges and issues facing local government, leaving you free to concentrate on service delivery. We will remove the complexity of managing your local government, help you reduce costs and lower risks. This will be delivered through our detailed understanding of your requirements and expert knowledge.

Helping you work smarter not harder

We want to leverage technology at every opportunity to provide a quality and efficient service to our clients. Our data analytics service provides significant benefit and assurance to our local government clients. We provide valuable insights and knowledge to the Council and management about your data, fraud risks and internal control environment. We use data analytics to analyse, inspect, cleanse and transform raw data to:

  • discover useful information
  • inform and support decision making
  • recognise fraud and error by identifying anomalies, patterns and areas of emerging risk
  • learn and predict human behaviour to enhance customer experience
  • improve efficiency and effectiveness of business practices
  • provide additional assurance to Elected Members, users of financial and non-financial information, internal audit and external audit over whole populations of data, rather than relying solely on traditional sampling techniques

Experienced staff

With the valuable experience demonstrable expertise that defines our local government team, we are able to help local government in building the future by identifying opportunities, challenges and reducing risks. We also have a high level of Partner and senior staff involvement in our work which is highly valued by our clients.


For more information on local government services and how we can help you thrive in a changing world, contact Russell Barnes or Michelle Shafizadeh on 08 9225 5355 or perth@moore-australia.com.au


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