13/11/2014 - 19:06

Subi reverses liquor plan

13/11/2014 - 19:06


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Subi reverses liquor plan

The City of Subiaco has reversed a plan which would have required would-be bar owners to jump through identical hoops as required by the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor.

When the city announced plans to overhaul its liquor policy in August it included a requirement for license applicants to complete a public interest assessment for the local government.

Applicants already need to carry out a comprehensive public interest assessment when making an application to the Department or Racing Gaming and Liquor.

However, that requirement was removed from the final version of the liquor policy when the council met to pass the law earlier this week.

Councillor Mark Burns, who was staunchly opposed to the liquor policy as presented in the initial form in August, described it as a ‘win in every sense of the word’.

“The final policy, albeit its not as relaxed as I would have wished, is 1000 per cent better than what was first put up by staff, [which was] an invitation to ‘not bother’ looking at Subi as a location for new hospitality venues,” Mr Burns said.


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