Stratagem end game

11/02/2003 - 21:00


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Stratagem end game

LESS than a year after it was bought out of financial difficulty, Western Australian advertising agency ReynoldStratagem has disappeared from the landscape.

Administrator Dino Traviglini was appointed on January 31, although it is understood the agency closed its doors in the middle of last month.

Mr Traviglini said the doldrums that had afflicted the advertising industry for the past two years, coupled with a serious illness to director Bob Reynolds, had contributed to the company’s difficulties.

“It’s still really too hard to say whether the firm will be able to trade out of the administration,” he said.

Mr Traviglini said that, besides normal advertising work for clients such as Alf Barbagallo, the company had also been doing a number of annual reports, another area he believed had been harmed by the general business slow down post the technology crash and terrorist attacks of the past two years.

Strategem Advertising and Communications, run by Robbie Stewart, encountered financial difficulties last year.

Mr Reynolds bought the firm in the middle of 2002.

Alf Barbagallo marketing manager Greg Ross said that he had been saddened by the collapse of Stratagem.

“We’re still dealing with [Stratagem staffer] Kylie Graham and JMG are doing some advertising for us.”

Mr Ross said that he was not sure who would take over the car dealership group’s marketing but that interest had been high.

“Just about every agency in the country has been ringing us,” he said.


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