LAGGING: Peter Bradd says Australia trails nations in the region in terms of support for startups. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Startups need support to take next step

The call is clear – government and angel investors need to do more to help startup businesses.


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Always amazes me how investors will pour thousands even millions of dollars into a internet business or app that only has hype and no real substance to it . But yet you offer a real business that is generating profit has had 70% growth on its previous year and they seem to show disinterest. Perhaps we need to put .com after our name.

Hi Sean, Simply putting a .com behind a business of course has no value (we saw enough of those crazies in the late 90s) but 15 years on we have real, major ebusinesses now disrupting entrenched industries and earning real multi- million and billion revenues and profits. Unless we get behind Aussie tech we (as a country and State) will be the poorer. We are an entrepreneurial State, we have to get serious about this sector, throw enough darts at the board and we'll hit some bulls eyes.

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