FED UP: Tony Galati’s company contributes 15 per cent of WA’s potato production. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Spud king takes a stand

The regulation of potato production in WA has the business community bemused at how such an anachronism can survive.


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who is getting a kick back to keep the patato board

Every state needs a Hero , well done Tony and Vince

I come from a predominantly indigenous town in the NT called Tennant Creek. We currently have one supermarket which is run by the supermarket chain Indigenous Business Association. This chain was formed by several retailers, who had worked for the likes of Coles & Woolworths, to try and address the issues faced on remote aboriginal communities in relation to difficulties faced by locals trying to access basic fresh foods at community stores and how this impacts on their health. Im not sure what some people think fresh produce should look like, but I felt sick and angry when friends posted pictures on social media of what Outback Stores are regularly selling to the locals as fresh produce. Not only can you clearly see rotton food on the shelves, and I mean clearly as the shelves are nearly bare, but locals are being charged prices that goes beyond any reasonable excuse like frieght and location charges. $10 FOR A LETTUCE! And it was going brown!?. Locals have tried tirelessly to fight for improvements such as simply....a better variety, amount and quality of basic fruit and vegetables. At a price that they can afford too! This is not just this current store owners fault, because I can remember 7yrs ago before moving to Perth, sorting through tomatoes so i didnt put any of the mouldy ones in my shopping bag, then paying $7.99kg for the privilege! Tennant Creek is a township with 3000ppl and the Stuart Highway passes straight through it. There is also the rail link from Adelaide to Darwin. Alice Springs is 500km south, where most locals order their food from, and Darwin with its direct Asia access is 1000km north. This is not a 3day bush track journey to access? So why does Outback Stores keep telling locals that theirs nothing they can do?, Blame freight costs. And you know what? I probably would if my pet rabbit was the Chairman of the board, but instead, the chairman just happens to be ex Woolworths Cheif of Logistics! Oh, and as far as company overheads go for Outback Stores, i dont think its worrying them too much. Afterall, they receive a good deal in Government funding to assist with covering freight costs and running a nutritional eating program of fresh healthy produce in their stores. I wish my friends, family and every indigenous child on a community in the NT.....had a hero like Tony there too!

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