An Indian "Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle" launching into space

Sky and Space Global pass major milestone in bid to build affordable satellite telecoms network

ASX listed Sky and Space Global have passed a major milestone in their quest to catapult three miniature satellites, known as “nano-satellite’s” into space.

The company, which was backdoor listed recently into Burleson Energy by Perth connections, is seeking to create its own affordable global satellite telecommunications voice and messaging network.

European aerospace company GomSpace, who are contracted to manufacture Sky and Space Global’s first three nano-satellites, recently announced that the Preliminary Design Review or “PDR” for the first three nano-satellites had been completed.

Successful completion of the Preliminary Design Review ensures that the company’s nano-satellite technology meets all accepted global physical and functional requirements for launch.

All nano-satellite components were analysed as part of the review, with special attention given to expected performance during operational scenarios.

Nano-satellites are a relatively new technology involving powerful satellites that are still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand weighing just 10kg each.

Their miniature size offers significant cost savings when it comes to building, launching and operating them in space. These savings can then be passed on to users of the resultant satellite telecommunications network.

Nano-satellites open up a plethora of opportunities for network users that could see international telephone calls from commercial aircraft become affordable and normal.

Regional areas that do not currently have access to satellite telecommunications because of the high cost of building and launching traditional large satellites could be the biggest winners and cruise ship passengers could also benefit from cheap international telephone calls and messaging services.

Nano-Satellites are able to hitch a ride on other space launches due to their tiny size and very low weight.

Sky and Space Global recently secured a launch contract for its first 3 nano-satellites with European launch broker Innovations Space Logistics.

The launch, which will take place in the second quarter of 2017, will be aboard an “Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle”, better known as a “PSLV”.

The company’s strategy is to run a pilot program with just three nano-satellites initially before ramping up to a “constellation” of more than 200 units capable of providing an affordable, global telecommunications network.

This isn’t their first rodeo either as the Israeli principals of Sky and Space Global are part of an exclusive worldwide alumni who have already successfully put a nano-satellite into space having been the prime movers behind the “Duchifat -1” nano-sat project in 2014 on behalf of the Herzliya Space Centre.

In a sign that the project is being taken seriously, Sky and Space Global have already contracted 100% of the bandwidth from their first 3 nano-satellites to a Pan-African telecommunications customer.

The company’s recently backdoor listing into Burleson Energy was done at 2c a share and the stock touched 3c last week delivering a sizeable profit for believers in this technology. 

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