An Indian "Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle" launching into space

Sky and Space Global locks down space launch contract for nano-satellites

ASX listed Sky and Space Global have wasted no time in achieving their first major milestone since being backdoor listed into Burleson Energy by Perth connections.

In a sign that its all systems go at Sky and Space Global, the company has now locked down a launch contract with a major European launch broker to catapult its first three “nano-satellites into space.

Nano-satellites are relatively new technology miniature satellites that only weigh about 10kg and can fit in the palm of your hand. They are considerably cheaper to launch and operate than large conventional satellites and they can be cheaply piggy backed onto an existing launcher to get into space.

Sky and Space Global intend to create their own global messaging and voice telecommunications platform using nano-satellites and the bandwidth from the initial 3 nano-satellites has already been 100% contracted to major pan-African communications company Sat-Space Africa.

The company recently secured a launch contract for its first 3 nano-satellites with European launch broker Innovations Space Logistics.

The launch, which will take place in the second quarter of 2017, will be aboard an “Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle”, better known as a “PSLV”.

According to Sky and Space Global, the Indian PSLV is a highly reliable launcher that has undertaken many successful deployments over the last two decades with no operational failures.

The first three nano-satellites are currently being constructed by leading European nano-satellite contractor GomSpace.

They are a proven product that can be manufactured on demand.

It is the software and the technical knowhow to control them from the Earth that makes up the major proprietary advantage for Sky and Space Global who’s founders have previously been involved in successfully launching a nano-satellite into space.

Sky and Space Global’s CEO Mr. Meir Moalem said: “The launch contract marks a major value creation milestone for Sky and Space Global, securing the launch of its initial communications network. The Company has already commercialised this initial network through its agreement to provide all communications bandwidth to leading pan-African communications company, Sat-Space Africa Ltd as announced in March 2016. “

“We look forward to updating shareholders as we continue to deliver rapid operational progress and new commercial agreements.”


This truly "disruptive" technology is a standout in telecommunications. The potential income generated through this service is amazing. Providing messaging, voice and data connection to Billions that are currently not connected, will be a huge winner for investors.

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