06/02/2007 - 22:00

Q&A - Clint Nolan: chef/co-owner, Harvest

06/02/2007 - 22:00


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Q&A - Clint Nolan: chef/co-owner, Harvest

What’s your favourite food?

‘‘I was given a tagine (Moroccan cooking vessel) for my last birthday; the dishes are so simple but the natural flavours of the ingredients are so rich.’’

 What do you like most about your job?

‘‘The challenge of going to work every day and creating beautiful food from scratch.’’

 Your biggest mistake and what you learned from it?

‘‘Spending the first money I saved on a one-way plane ticket and not a house. I’ve got great stories to tell but missed out on the housing boom!’’

If you had to take guests to a restaurant in Perth other than your own, where would you go?

‘‘A tough one as I always like to try somewhere new; but as somewhere you can always rely on, George St Bistro for consistently well cooked food with style.’’

What’s your favourite Chinese/Asian restaurant and why?

‘‘No 1 BBQ House William St Northbridge, because its no frills, no fuss and great Chinese roast meats.’’ 

What’s your favourite interstate restaurant, and why?

‘‘Bodega in Surry Hills, Sydney, Modern share plates, great wine by the glass and rocking tunes!’’ 

What’s your favourite international restaurant, and why?

‘‘Bin 941 in Vancouver, Canada, for putting the fun and funk back into dining and for showing what you can do with a small space.’’


What kitchen tool would you hate to be without?

‘‘My 26cm Wustof chef's knife.’’


What’s your pet hate in the kitchen/your business?

‘‘Interviewing wait staff who are not passionate about food.’’


What wine or wine style are you enjoying right now?

‘‘Main Ridge half-acre pinot noir from the Mornington Peninsula, an all-time favourite.’’


Favourite cookbook

‘‘French Laundry by chef  Thomas Keller.’’


If you weren’t doing your current job what would you be doing?

‘‘I’d be a personal chef on a yacht sailing the Mexican coast, drinking margaritas.’’


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