Pushing a Broome brand

20/01/2004 - 21:00


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INDUSTRY groups have launched an advertising first for the North-West town of Broome aimed at developing a more cohesive brand identity for the popular tourist destination.

INDUSTRY groups have launched an advertising first for the North-West town of Broome aimed at developing a more cohesive brand identity for the popular tourist destination. 

Press advertising began last weekend using the catch-line, “Broome Let yourself go” and images that were developed by industry and tourism associations.

The marketing material has been given to local tourism operators in the hope that a consistent message will be communicated concerning Broome’s unique tourism attractions.

Outdoor advertising will follow the current press ads and, according to Tourism North West marketing coordinator Lisa Moffatt, the tools that have been deployed will help consolidate the short-advertising spell.

“This was initiated by key stakeholders in the region who got together because they were concerned that Broome didn’t have its own identity,” Ms Moffatt said. 

“Each operator was going out and representing Broome in different ways and talking about Broome in different ways.

“The idea was to create something unique that could act as an umbrella brand for Broome.”

Cable Beach Club Resort Broome director of sales, Nicole Tingey, said the resort was keen to galvanise a Broome brand to help the town break through the marketing heavyweights inter-state.

“The market we wanted to expand for the property was the east coast, so all of a sudden we were a small fish in a big pond,” she said.

“Cable Beach Club Resort is well known in the travel industry but we needed to promote Broome and have the destination comparative to others.

“North West Queensland, the Whitsundays, Tasmania and the Northern Territory have a very strong presence and big marketing budgets.

“While marketing has been done on the Kimberley region we really wanted to create an identity for Broome.

“The brand that we’ve created encompasses Broome’s uniqueness, the elements of ecotourism, the beaches, the flora and the unique cultural aspects, such as the strong pearling history.”

Ms Tingey said the resort would be releasing new marketing material using the “Broome Let yourself go” slogan and images.

“The good thing about this is that you can adopt one component or all components in the style guide depending on what it is you’re trying to achieve,” Ms Tingey said.

Tourism North West, the Broome Visitors Centre and the Western Australian Tourism Commission are encouraging individual operators to use the material provided to them.

The ad pack includes a CD of images and a style guide providing descriptions of Broome.  The creative agency behind the campaign is Intersect Communications.

The Western Australian Tourism Commission has contributed $90,000 to the “Broome Let yourself go” advertising schedule, matching dollar-for-dollar the revenue raised by industry.

The WATC will launch a separate advertising campaign focusing on the Kununurra region from April. The campaign hopes to generate interest in the region and promote Qantas’s new direct flight to Kununurra from May 1.

Marketforce has produced the Kununurra ad campaign.


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