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Price is right for destination WA - SPECIAL REPORT

The state’s tourism sector is reaping the rewards of a weaker dollar but more needs to be done to secure the full benefits of holiday spending and lower post-boom prices.


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WA is the gateway to Asia. To reap the full benefits of the lower Aussie dollar and to attract more travelers here, the State Tourism Authority should embark on 'road shows' to those potential inbound countries to sell its incredible tourism potentials like - Fremantle, Swan River, Swan Valley, Mandurah, Denmark, Esperance, Margaret River, Greater Bunbury Area and lot more beautiful places. Airlines plying on the Perth routes can work on joint promotion for a period to attract travelers. Moreover, prices here should be made more affordable as Asian tourists particularly are very cost conscious and would like to see value for their money. For example entrance fees to, 'Cavasham Wildlife' should be lowered, cafe' prices should be more affordable. Tourism has a multiplier effect on the state economy, hence to be successful.. all players should participate and create the right environment for tourists to spend. I had been in the aviation industry for several years and had started up new tourism destinations for Silk Air, subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. The importance of developing joint packages with those countries are essential to bring in the travelers. With full service and LCC carriers plying on the Perth route, lot more can be tapped to bring in the travelers to reap the full benefits of a lower dollar.

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Special Report


02 June 2015

Everything's in place for WA, it's time to take advantage.

Price is right for destination WA - SPECIAL REPORT
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