PharmAust could double delivery of cancer drug in dogs

PharmAust has received new data from Canada’s BRI Biopharmaceutical Research that promises to increase the flexibility for dosing schedules of its flagship Monepantel anti-cancer drug in dogs.

The data indicated that with a specific combination of diet and excipient, which are agents included in tablets that help shape or dissolve the tablet but are not the active ingredient itself, up to twice the amount of Monepantel can be delivered into the bloodstream of dogs.

Notably, this has the potential to simplify the treatment of canine cancers by the veterinarian and the owner.

The company remains on track to commence clinical trials in dogs using these tablets early this calendar year.

In October last year, PharmAust said that just one of its improved tablets can provide blood levels of Monepantel that exceed those previously predicted to achieve anti-cancer activity required in the previous pilot study in dogs with B-cell lymphoma.

Chief Scientific Officer Dr Richard Mollard said: “Over the past 18 months, PharmAust has put considerable effort into generating a new formulation of Monepantel and having conditions for its use optimised.”

“This new knowledge that diet and excipients can together positively increase Monepantel uptake provides PharmAust and future patients with a much greater degree of flexibility to facilitate and optimise the most convenient and active dosing schedules.”

Last year, PharmAust reformulated Monepantel into tablet form and made it more palatable for man’s best friend.

Previous testing of Monepantel in dogs with lymphoma successfully achieved safety and effectiveness goals with six out of seven dogs achieving stability of disease and even a reduction in tumour size.

The new data is another tick in PharmAust’s favour as it moves towards starting canine clinical tests early this year.

It also adds to positive data from the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute last week, which shows Monepantel’s principle end-product, metabolite Monepantel Sulfone, has relatively little side effects upon healthy, non-cancerous cells.

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