20/03/2001 - 21:00

‘Media storm’ livens up the news

20/03/2001 - 21:00


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LOCAL media monitoring business Rehame has commissioned artist Deborah Netolicky to produce a mural for their office to reflect their dynamic business.

‘Media storm’ livens up the news
LOCAL media monitoring business Rehame has commissioned artist Deborah Netolicky to produce a mural for their office to reflect their dynamic business.

The swirling blue and green mural featuring Rehame’s logo, headlines, news figures and the State’s media, has been so well greeted by staff and clients it’s been proposed that Ms Netolicky produce an individual mural for each of Rehame’s state offices in Australia.

Rehame general manager WA Nic Hayes said he was tired of the old company banner that hung in the reception area and he really wanted something that would impress both clients and give the Rehame staff a sense of ownership.

“Art has always fascinated me, so I thought why not put our company logo into an artwork,” Mr Hayes said

“It brings out a bit of what we are about – to inspire the staff and give it a bit more of an individual feel.”

The swirling blue and green mural depicts a “media storm” in the colours of the Rehame logo including fragments of headlines, political figures and all the media Rehame monitors

“The powers that be have seen photos of the mural and as a result there’s an idea that in every state office we could commission a work,” Mr Hayes said.

Ms Netolicky’s art has been a passion she has pursued outside of her job as a full-time teacher at the Presbyterian Ladies’ College.

“I’ve done a few private commissions but it’s not my meal ticket, but I’m passionate about art and I’ll continue it for the rest of my life,” Ms Netolicky said.

Ms Netolicky said Mr Hayes approached her to produce a piece of art to liven up the office and showcase Rehame’s logo and business.

“He wanted the office to look a bit more lively and wanted the logo to be dominant,” Ms Netolicky said.

“It’s also supposed to be a local work with a lot of WA-based snippets from the newspapers – things really relevant to this office and what they do.”

Big buy hits liquidity

BREAKAWAY independent liquor wholesaler Liquorspot.com has appointed an administrator after a big stock buy up created cash flow problems.

The company sought the appointment of accountants from Hall Chadwick after the board raised concerns about the possibility of insolvent trading.

The precarious cash position was created by big stock purchases in January to beat the February CPI increase on liquor duties, understood to have been as much as 4.6 per cent.

Liquorspot.com was formed last year by Wayne Carew-Reid when he left Australian Liquor Marketers to create an Internet-focused liquor business.

But plans for a website and stock market float have been shelved after the market reception proved tougher than last year’s fleeting dot.com era.

Mr Carew-Reid remained confident the company’s long-term plans would be fulfilled but he was concentrating on the traditional wholesale business.

“It is too tough,” he said.

“We are mothballing the website and concentrating on the bricks and mortar.”

He said he expected the company to be able to trade out of the current difficulties and believed the period of administration would last no longer than another six weeks.

Mr Carew-Reid said the market did not want his plans for a second independent wholesaler to fail.

“We had a huge surge of support,” he said.

“I must have been getting 20 calls a day.”

He said the company was seeking venture capital at the moment.

The company was established with $2.5 million seed capital. Mr Carew-Reid said its net asset position was about $1 million, once the big inventory and the short-term debt that went with it was accounted for.

“Basically we needed time to clear it (the inventory),” he said.

“We needed two to three months, and that is too long for suppliers to wait.”


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