02/12/2021 - 21:30

Mateship drives Mader multinational

02/12/2021 - 21:30


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Relationships have been Luke Mader’s key driver for success at his ASX-listed company.

Mateship drives Mader multinational
Mader Group has won Employer of the Year at Business News' RISE Awards. Photo: Mader Group

Relationships have been Luke Mader’s key driver for success at his ASX-listed company.

LUKE Mader started his business, Mader Group, in 2005, working out of his ute in the Kimberley.

His mobile operation offered a rare and flexible maintenance solution, servicing everyday mining and civil operations in what was, at the time, an underserviced niche.

Helping clients reach their targets incentivised Mr Mader to strive to make a tangible difference to his customers and his emerging workforce.  

He set a goal to build a workforce of the best tradespeople available; those who had a passion for their jobs and enjoyed working alongside “great mates”.

Flexibility remained a key theme as the business developed, with Mr Mader investing in the group’s people and culture, driven by the key values of strong leadership, comradery and mateship.

It is that vision that has helped transform Mader Group into an ASX-listed company that has since cemented itself as a global provider of heavy equipment and infrastructure maintenance, with a growing network of more than 240 customers from across the world.

That vision also helped Mader Group secure the Employer of the Year gong at the 2021 RISE Business Awards.

“While many businesses are driven by the invoice, Mader is driven by its relationships with its customers and employees,” Mr Mader said.

“Employees are able to enjoy a meaningful, long-term career that has the potential to evolve with their stages in life or personal goals."

Mr Mader said flexibility, or the tap-on, tap-off nature of his business, allowed customers to access specialised technicians during peak period, providing them with the right-sized team and appropriate expertise.

Although COVID-19 forced Mader to withdraw its workforce from Africa and Asia, the company has managed to slowly rebuild its international presence and now operates in seven countries.

Mader is also gearing up to take its business model to Canada, spurred by the belief that its growth momentum will carry it through to build relationships with large and established markets to new and emerging ones.


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