Market responds to a little teasing

11/11/2003 - 21:00


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THE use of teaser advertising campaigns is paying off for listed property developer Cedar Woods.

Market responds to a little teasing

THE use of teaser advertising campaigns is paying off for listed property developer Cedar Woods.

According to Cedar Woods managing director Michael Glendinning, the company has been able to generate strong consumer interest in its new property developments through the placement of small press ads about a month before the launch date.

The most recent of these was for The Kestrels land release at Wanneroo. 

“It’s quite a similar campaign to our teaser ads for our last release, which was The Rivergums at Baldivis,” Mr Glendinning said.

“It [Rivergums] is an environmentally friendly estate and we used frogs as the motif for that campaign. We did teaser ads using the frog and the byline ‘Your future is green’.

“That ran over a space of a month and it blew out to a proper ad launching the land release.

“We’ve refined that concept for The Kestrels release.”

Mr Glendinning said the campaign was relatively inexpensive and was delivering the desired outcomes.

“It can whet the public interest if you come up with something different and eye-catching, but ultimately makes good sense in terms of the estate,” he said. 

“We went a bit earlier on the ads [earlier than if a traditional campaign was used] and it probably cost less than $5,000 all up for the teaser campaign. It is actually very economical.

“We had three stages. We had a drawing of the egg, then the egg with a crack in it, then one with the crack and a beak coming out and then we ran a half page ad with all three versions and said: ‘here it is’.

“Out of the first ad we had contact but you can’t monitor it because there are no contact details. But once the big ad is run we get flooded with calls and people saying they were wondering what the egg was.”

Mr Glendinning said the environment had become an important component to Cedar Woods’ advertising communications.

“The buying public is more interested in green issues and we’re responding to that.”

The naming of the Wanneroo development was based on Lake Joondalup’s renowned bird life.

Mr Glendinning said Cedar Woods planned to plant horticulture that would attract native bird life.

Linc produced both the Rivergums and Kestrels campaigns and, according to the company’s creative director Steve Brown, the technique helped cut through property advertising clutter.

“We wanted to have something that stood out visually,” said Mr Brown, adding that while the teaser ads were small, they were effective.

“We ran one five by two ad over the four weeks,” he said.



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