Market knowledge in spades

06/05/2003 - 22:00


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Market knowledge in spades

MAXIMISING a company’s true potential through the leverage of knowledge is the prime purpose of young Western Australian firm Neo Knowledge.

Neo Knowledge is a complementary independent business unit to Market Equity, ranked number one in the WA Business News Book of Lists 2003.

Market Equity managing director Dean Harris said the key difference between both companies was in the way they used information.

“Market Equity focuses on the acquisition of knowledge, while Neo Knowledge focuses on how firms integrate the knowledge they have within their organisation,” Mr Harris said.

Neo Knowledge emerged in January 2001 with the aim of helping clients source the knowledge they needed to make marketing and business decisions.

Neo Knowledge executive director Matthew Crellin said they worked by first understanding what data the client needed to work with and what they wanted to get out of it. 

Mr Crellin said one of the most successful and innovative services the business offered was the ‘best practice benchmarking’.

“This process helps clients to understand what other companies are doing so they can learn from their successes and mistakes,” he said.

Other ways to streamline information include the ‘lesson learnt process’ that teaches organisations to learn from their past and ‘Internet and extranet’, what Mr Crellin calls platforms to help clients access and share knowledge.


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