05/10/2004 - 22:00

Luxe a fortune in bartender awards

05/10/2004 - 22:00


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Highgate's Luxe Bar has won one of Australia’s most prestigious prizes, the National Bartender Magazine Bar Team of the Year Award.

Luxe a fortune in bartender awards

Highgate's Luxe Bar has won one of Australia’s most prestigious prizes, the National Bartender Magazine Bar Team of the Year Award.  The awards, held in Sydney late last month, rewarded the efforts of Luxe Bar’s bar team including national 2004 Grand Marnier Trophy winner Jared Plummer and national 2004 Suntory Cup winner Sam Astbury.

Seven Luxe staff flew to Sydney to represent the bar at the awards which were the highlight of BarShow 2004.

Andrew Mackay, the owner of Fremantle cafe Etto, has been fined $650 for failing to produce time and wage records to a Department of Consumer and Employment Protection industrial inspector.

The Labour Relations division of DOCEP took action against the proprietor in the Industrial Magistrate’s Court.

Mr Mackay needs to produce time and wages records within 28 days of the service of the court order. If the owner fails to comply he may be liable for a $5,000 fine and a $500 penalty for every day that he does not comply with the order.

The move comes after a recent wages crackdown by DOCEP in which it audited 67 restaurants – 55 in the city and 12 in the country.

The inspectors recovered $175,041 in underpaid wages for about 600 workers with $14,396.07 being the highest figure collected for a large employer (23 staff) and $14, 215.26 was the highest figure a small employer (six staff).

Most employers rectified the monetary breaches, however, several could face prosecution by DOCEP if they fail to repay amounts owing to employees.

While Halo Restaurant likes to embrace WA’s local produce and wines, it is putting on a dinner that should inspire those who want to taste something a little different, and something that’s rarely celebrated in WA – Victoria.

Halo proprietor John Hooper has enlisted the services of Karen White from Melbourne’s Verge Restaurant to team up with his head chef Scott O’Sullivan to produce a menu inspired from the tastes of Victoria. Ms White has selected five of her favourite dishes including slow roasted pork belly with star anise broth.

The wine matching also has a clever link to Victoria.

Anne-Marie Banting, who helped Halo construct its wine list earlier this year, is returning to WA from Melbourne to match wines to food and, no doubt, do some entertaining.

Mr Hooper told Gusto this week that Ms White will chat about the food while Ms Banting will provide history and background to the wine selection for each course and explaining why the particular wine matches so well with the food.

The special Victorian wine dinner will be held on Wednesday October 13. Ms White will also host a class at Amano Cooking School on October 12.  And for those who can’t wait until the night to find out what Ms Banting is up to in Melbourne – she’s working at St Kilda’s new pizza and Italian wine venue opened by the team of the Melbourne Wine Room, Mr Wolf.


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