Lottery brand change nears

18/03/2003 - 21:00


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THE brands of one of Western Australia’s oldest institutions, and some of its favourite games, will change on April 27.

Lottery brand change nears

THE brands of one of Western Australia’s oldest institutions, and some of its favourite games, will change on April 27.

The Lotteries Commission of WA, which turned 70 last week, has spent the past two years putting together a new image for its corporate brand and its core products such as Lotto, Scratch and Win, Auslotto, Powerball and Soccer Pools.

The commission will be known as Lotterywest, with that name to be marketed harder to highlight the charitable side of the organisation.

New fit-outs planned for lottery retailers will not be in place until the middle of the year, however.

Design house Enterprise IG put together the new Lotterywest logo and also reworked the logos of its key game brands to comprise a linked family of images. Marketforce will roll out the campaign to coincide with April 27’s Lotto draw.

Lotteries public relations manager Andrew Walton said the decision to change the organisation’s image came after research indicated the public did not have a high opinion of the Lotteries brand.

Research showed the public felt the ‘commission’ part of its title was too staid and bureaucratic, even though it had historic links to the organisation’s creation – the (then) government formed a six-man commission to control lottery type games in WA – and the games it offered had high appeal.

The old Lotteries star and fan will go to be replaced by Lotterywest in yellow lettering and three blue strokes.

Mr Walton said Lotteries realised two years ago that it would have to provide a new fit-out for its retailers to replace the current shop fit-out that has been in place for the past 10 years.

He said the decision to update the fit-outs came with a decision to upgrade the brands.

These brands have been doing well for Lotteries. Last year it had sales of $455 million.

“Our product brands were all very dated. We’ve created a family of brands to match with the new corporate logo,” Mr Walton said.

“The challenge we face is to have the new Lotterywest brand established very quickly.”

One problem with the old shop fit-outs was that retailers did not have enough space to put up posters to advertise things such as bonus draws – something the new fit-outs will address, he said.


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