24/05/2018 - 06:50

Lithium Australia ramps up activity at Very Small Particle Company

24/05/2018 - 06:50


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Lithium Australia’s subsidiary, VSPC, is making progress towards commercialising its patented lithium-ion battery cathode materials. Manufacturing of lithium ion battery coin cells and electrochemical testing will commence shortly at its laboratory in Queensland. The market for cathode materials is predicted to double to approximately 400,000 tonnes p/a by 2025, with a value exceeding USD$10b.

Lithium Australia ramps up activity at Very Small Particle Company

Lithium Australia has advised the market that its subsidiary, the Very Small Particle Company is progressing well towards commercialising its patented battery cathode materials production technology.

VSPC is focused on the efficient design, manufacture and supply of complex, high-purity, high-performance metal oxides and other battery cathode materials, operating out of its industrial laboratory in Brisbane.

According to the company, its laboratory facilities are now operational and production of lithium ion battery cathode materials has commenced at a bench scale.

Preparation of LIB coin cells and electrochemical testing of the products is set to commence shortly.

Recommissioning of the larger pilot scale production facilities at the complex are also at an advanced stage, with commissioning of the wet plant set to commence at the end of May.

Longer term, the intention is to progress to large-scale industrial production of cathodic products tailored for specific end users.

The range of applications is broad and diverse, including uses as a catalyst in the automotive and minerals processing industries, as a component of solar photovoltaic and fuel-cell electrodes, in electronic displays and in other high-end, energy efficient applications.

VSPC’s technology produces a superior quality control in the production of a wide range of cathode powders down to microscopic size.

At that size, the superiority includes the control of individual particle sizing and precision of metallic particle chemistry to improve the overall product quality in use.

The market for cathode active materials is predicted to double to approximately 400,000 tonnes per annum by 2025, with a value exceeding USD$10 billion.

The timely commercialisation of the VSPC’s products in the coming years, could prove extremely lucrative for Lithium Australia.

According to the company, VSPC’s 4th generation lithium iron phosphate cathode material has received strong interest from global battery markets, with the its product exceeding industry standard tests completed in late 2017.

The board of VSPC announced the company is skilling up to meet the ongoing demand, recently engaging senior plant managers, engineers and scientific personnel for the expanding Queensland facility.


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