The Fraser Range in Western Australia

Legend splits 2 conductors into 4 at Fraser Range

There is nothing quite like the hunt for magnetic conductors in the exploration business to get the nickel and copper bulls to dust off their cheque books – especially when your ground is only 120 km from the goliath Nova Bollinger nickel find.

Legend Mining have been quietly and systematically testing their “Area D” at the Rockford project in the Fraser Range in WA and the more they look the more conductors pop up.

Of the 5 conductors recently identified known as D1 to D5, two were dusters and one remains untested but two have shown some real promise with the D2 and D5 conductors now thought to be hosting an additional 3 conductors, D6, D7 and D8.

The D2 conductor was recently drill tested with a 10m dreaded and unexciting graphite schist appearing at the 141m mark.

However, the on ground team did not feel that this adequately explained the strength and depth modelling of the original conductor and further survey work was undertaken in the area.

Another deeper and stronger conductor now known as D6 was subsequently identified immediately to the south east of the D2 conductor and Legend is now gearing up to drill test this newly defined target.

D6 is considered a priority target and a 400m diamond drill program will kick off this month to test it.

The D5 conductor was poorly constrained and subsequent ground surveying work discovered that in fact there are two conductors at D5 to be known as D7 and D8.

A 600m diamond drill program is now planned to test these conductors in coming weeks.

With nearly $6m in the bank and another $2.5m in liquid share investments, Legend can afford to take a bit of time to fully understand the geology at Fraser Range in order to get the targets right.

Given that the Rockford project is situated on a similar tenor gravity ridge to the Sirius Resources Nova Bollinger find, just one solid drill hit into any of these conductors will make life very interesting for Legend Mining

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