11/07/2020 - 13:18

KPMG Australia joins the Pilbara community

11/07/2020 - 13:18


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KPMG Australia is the first of the “big four” accounting firms to open an office in the Pilbara.

KPMG Australia is the first of the “big four” accounting firms to open an office in the Pilbara.

The decision to invest in the region came from the long association KPMG Australia has had with the Pilbara, and more specifically the Karratha area.

The growth of our client base in the Pilbara and the capabilities of modern IT infrastructure allowed KPMG Australia to set up a practice that provides a local and personal service to Pilbara organisations through our Karratha-based team, while also providing access to the broader KPMG national network and expertise.

This remains a unique offering from a top-tier accounting and consulting firm in the Pilbara. As part of living and breathing our local community focus, our Karratha staff are deeply involved with the Karratha community, volunteering for a number of not-for-profit organisations as well as participating in community activities, like a weekly radio segment on cross-cultural diversity.

A big focus of our Karratha office has been servicing the Indigenous sector in the Pilbara that has grown significantly over the last decade.

KPMG Australia is proud to have been able to be a service provider supporting a number of Indigenous organisations in the Pilbara to grow and achieve their goals, both commercially and in supporting their communities.

KPMG Australia’s engagement with our Indigenous clients has a strong community focus, with our Western Australian Corporate Citizenship committee having previously supported Indigenous artists and provided donations to Indigenous community organisations.

The Pilbara is a dynamic and innovative region and KPMG Australia is proud to support local innovators through running a regional workshop in 2019 (one of only two in Regional WA) as part of KPMG’s RISE program, a scale-up accelerator for the mining and energy resources sector. Through this workshop, a Pilbara based organisation was selected as part of the national program.

In this time of uncertainty, the Pilbara continues to be an area of opportunity, particularly in the resource, industrial and Indigenous sectors, that gives KPMG Australia an opportunity to sustain and grow our practice through providing “big four” expertise locally to help these businesses grow and thrive.


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