It is not all about centre stage

Australians wisely adopted a federation with restrictions on the central government, something Julia Gillard has worked hard to undermine.


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Morning Joe - Thank you for a most excellently written piece and all right on the nail - we also need to roll back the Labor/Greens legislation and remove from any areas that are impeding out true values - We also need to thoroughly to sort out the immigration mess and get all the illegal immigrants out of the communities before all this gets brushed under the carpet as well as this will become harder to fix than the Budget blow outs I hope have you can have this article published in all the main eastern states papers -

Hi Chris. Let's hope a Coalition Government promptly dismantles the exorbitantly costly Gillard/Greens anti-CO2 (gas!! and plant nutrient, not a pollutant) legislative regime. It must be stressed over and over that this is the result of many years of deliberate catastrophist campaigning by entities like the Greens Party, United Nations agencies wishing to extract ever more money from Australian taxpayers, and ignorant so-called publilcly funded scientists. None of their alarmist predictions have come to pass, and nor will they because they are based on highly fertile imaginative catastrophist thinking not empirical investigation. On the entry of illegals into Australia during the Rudd-Gillard years this simply must be stopped. What promoters of this illegality fail to realise is that once a nation fails to properly administer who enters it such a nation has lost a significant degree of legitimacy. Furthermore, one of the major reason for the creation of an Australian central government in 1901 was so that proper administration of immigration could be undertaken. Whenever I've confronted in discourse those who discount these facts I always ask that those who disagree tell me precisely how many illegals they wish to see enter Australia at their own volition; one million, two million, 10 million, or perhaps 100 million. Just give me a figure! None has ever been able to answer this simple question. They appear to fear offering a number. As far as the Greens Party's disciples are concerned they are a truly wierd lot - they're opposed to seeing Australia's population rising but at the same time promote the idea of a complete open door on illegals entering the country. Finally, keep in mind that if the entry of illegals is not brought to an end soon those promoting it or wishing to see it continue should expect ship loads arriving at our ports, not just a one off wooden boat that reached Geraldton recently from Sri Lanka. I must confess that I am surprised some of those hijacked ships taken by Somalian pirates over the past decade or so have not been used to transport tens of thousands of Somalians and anyone else from East Africa and the Middle East to Western Australia's shores over the past few years. Image one such ship per month reaching (with about 1000 passengers each) Broome, Port Hedland, Geraldton, Fremantle, Bunbury, and for the truly adventurous, even Albany. That's in the order of 6000 per month or well over 70,000 illegals annually taking up residence in Western Australia, and probably predominantly in Perth. Once you've conceded entry by illegals you would have no right to object to 70,000 odd illegals reaching WA's ports on a constant and regularly basis each year into the distant future. Perhaps that is what our open door promoters want - to see in the order of one million illegals from East Africa and Southern Asia entering willy-nilly as they desire. If that's what they wish then I hope they'll say so. Then we'll all know where we stand. I say Western Australia's present two plus million people simply could not absorb, settle, and nourish such a huge uncontrolled trans-Indian Ocean popultion shift. I wish more would think clearly on this questions. Joseph Poprzeczny

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