28/04/2021 - 15:06

Insolvency appointments April 14 to 27 2021

28/04/2021 - 15:06


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There were 20 insolvency appointments to Western-Australian-incorporated companies over the past two weeks.

FirmAppointee/SolicitorRoleCompany NamePublished Date
RSMJerome Hall MohenliquidatorMoorevest Pty Ltd28/04/2021
McGrathNicolRobert Michael KirmanliquidatorFamily Fresh Growers Market Pty Ltd atf Family Fresh Growers Market Trust27/04/2021
GTS AdvisoryMathieu TributliquidatorSymons & Co Legal Pty Ltd27/04/2021
GTS AdvisoryMathieu TributliquidatorBarnard Properties (WA) Pty Ltd23/04/2021
RSMJerome MohenliquidatorT.J. Sampson Pty Ltd22/04/2021
GTS AdvisoryMathieu TributliquidatorStarclub Holdings Pty Ltd22/04/2021
Cor CordisClifford Stuart RockeliquidatorPleasures Pty Ltd21/04/2021
Cor CordisClifford Stuart RockeliquidatorTheo and Co. Pizzeria Leederville Pty Ltd21/04/2021
HLB Mann JuddGregory Paul QuinliquidatorASR Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd20/04/2021
McGrathNicolRobert Michael KirmanadministratorSKB Australia Pty Ltd atf KBS Family Trust trading as Darch SUPA IGA20/04/2021
McGrathNicolRobert Michael KirmanliquidatorEvermaze Pty Ltd atf Evermaze Trust trading as Vale IGA20/04/2021
McGrathNicolRobert Michael KirmanliquidatorMainteam Holdings Pty Ltd atf Redside Trust trading as Ellenbrook IGA20/04/2021
McGrathNicolRobert Michael KirmanliquidatorVillanex Pty Ltd atf Villanex Trust trading as Aveley Liquor20/04/2021
DeloitteMatthew DonnellyliquidatorShofer Pty Ltd16/04/2021
Hall ChadwickCameron ShawliquidatorRoberts Plumbing & Contracting Pty Ltd16/04/2021
SV PartnersMalcolm FieldliquidatorCrossborder Financial Services Pty Ltd16/04/2021
Revive FinancialJarvis Lee ArcherliquidatorPRWR Consulting Pty Limited15/04/2021
Jirsch SutherlandChristopher John BaskervilleliquidatorProject Noah Holdings Pty Ltd15/04/2021
GTS AdvisoryMathieu TributliquidatorMoh Catao Investments Pty Ltd14/04/2021
Avior ConsultingDermott Joseph McVeighadministratorSchlager Group Australia Pty Ltd14/04/2021
Avior ConsultingDermott Joseph McVeighadministratorSchlager Group Pty Ltd14/04/2021


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