20/02/2007 - 22:00

In the restaurant with...

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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In the restaurant with...

Jason Walker

Chapter One Brasserie



Favourite part of your job?

“The enjoyment of cooking on the stove every day.”

The biggest mistake you’ve made and what did you learn from it?

“Relying on other people.”

Favourite food?

“Sunday roast.”

Favourite Chinese/Asian restaurant and why?

“I don’t have one as I don’t enjoy spicy food. I’m more likely to go out for Spanish tapas. We like going to Duende and grabbing a few different plates of things to try.”

If you had to take guests to a restaurant in Perth other than your own where would you go and why?

“Balthazar. I have never had a bad meal and they have passion for what they do.”

Favourite interstate restaurant?

“MoVida in Melbourne.European food of good quality and a great atmosphere.”

Favourite international restaurant?

“Alain Ducasse’s Mix in Las Vegas. The location and night was flawless, and it was for my wedding dinner.”

What’s your pet hate in the kitchen/your business?

“Not being able to find quality staff without training them yourself.”

Cookbook you couldn’t live without?

Larouse Gastronomique: The World’s Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia.

What kitchen tool would you hate to be without?

“Ice cream machine.”

What wine or wine style are you enjoying right now?

“I love a crisp riesling or a rose for this time of year.”

If you weren’t doing your current job what would you be doing?

“Working with motor bikes; preferably racing them!!!”


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