Hollywood delivers world class medical care

Hollywood Private Hospital, which is part of Ramsay Health Care, is in the final stages of a $200 million five year expansion which has seen the hospital double its operating theatres, construct the Hollywood Consulting Centre (comprised of a comprehensive cancer centre, endoscopy suites and 37 new specialist rooms) and undergo a major expansion to mental health services.

Hollywood starts construction on first purpose-built private ED north of the river

It is the end of an era as the curtain goes up on a new chapter in patient care at Hollywood Private Hospital.

Construction is about to get underway on our new 14-bay Emergency Department (ED), which is the final stage in a five-year $200 million expansion of the campus by Ramsay Health Care.

Demolition of some original Hollywood buildings, including the old gastroenterology unit and sleep studies unit, took place late last month.

This will make way for the new $67 million ED project, which will feature a resuscitation room, plaster/treatment, consultation rooms and three 30-bed wards to accommodate emergency admissions.

The ED is scheduled for completion in September 2021. It will be the first purpose-built private ED north of the Swan River and only the second in the State.

It will be of major benefit for people living north of the river and for local residents, who will have the option of access to timely private emergency care close to home.

One of the benefits of being part of a large global health care company, like Ramsay, is our capacity to learn from other hospitals within the organisation, and share great ideas.

Ramsay operates some 50 EDs around the world, including 11 in Australia, so we’ve been able to have a close look at how operational design, and use of technology and layout, impact on patient flow and efficiency.

Notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic, we must continue to plan for the future and the construction of our private ED will boost these important health services for the community.

The hospital has recently completed construction on the new Hollywood Consulting Centre, which is comprised of four new endoscopy suites, 37 new specialist rooms, additional car parking and a comprehensive cancer centre due to open in July.

We are also about to open 31 new mental health inpatient beds and a new mental health day hospital this month.

Hollywood has also doubled its number of operating theatres in the past five years from 10 to 20.

Hollywood to become “one stop shop” for cancer care 

Two radiation bunkers and a specialist oncology medical imaging service, in addition to existing cancer services, will make Hollywood Private Hospital a “one stop shop” for cancer patients. 

The hospital’s new comprehensive cancer centre opening in July will enable patients to seek treatment with medical and radiation oncologists, haematologists, surgeons, radiologists, nurse specialists and allied health professionals - all on the Hollywood campus.

The new Breast Cancer Research Centre of WA will also be located in the same building as the new radiation therapy and medical imaging services – the Hollywood Consulting Centre.

Hollywood currently treats a significant number of privately insured cancer patients in WA, and this is expected to increase when the additional services start this year. 

To read more about cancer care at Hollywood, please click here.

Comfort, privacy and the latest technology – Hollywood opens new endoscopy suites

Hollywood Private Hospital’s new endoscopy suites are fitted with the latest technology and equipment, including high definition scopes.

The suites are exceptional in terms of comfort and design.

There are four large state-of-the art procedure rooms, a 17-bed unit and a discharge area with an airport lounge feel to it. The discharge lounge features private pods where patients can complete their recovery post-procedure.

The Hollywood Consulting Centre, where endoscopy is housed, will also comprise the comprehensive cancer centre, 37 specialist rooms and additional parking.

Hollywood becomes the first WA hospital to get world class robots

Hollywood Private Hospital is the first hospital in Western Australia to commission the ROSA total robotic knee replacement system and the ARTIS Pheno, the latest in angiogram technology.

While operating within very different specialties, the two robots, which are the very latest in technology, share a common goal – improving patient outcomes.

The ROSA combines computer navigation, soft tissue balancing, 3D modelling and robotics into a single package. The platform allows orthopaedic surgeons to plan pre-operatively in 3D where to position the implant, which enhances precision and accuracy.

The ARTIS Pheno also improves accuracy, reduces procedure times, and radiation dosages, thus maintaining Hollywood’s position as a leader in vascular surgery in WA.

The innovation of the ARTIS Pheno enabled surgeons to diagnose and treat a broader range of conditions, including more complex and challenging cases.

Hollywood also has the MAKO orthopaedic robot, the XI da Vinci (the most advanced surgical robot in the State) and an intra operative CT scanner.

In December 2018 Hollywood opened its new ultra-high definition operating theatres

With four times the resolution used in most operating theatres in Australia, Hollywood’s new $20 million fully integrated ultra-high definition operating theatres provide more detailed images.

Robots monitored 24/7 by control centre in USA

Hollywood’s fleet of fully autonomous robots, the first of their kind in WA, have a detailed 3D map of the hospital stored in their memory and are monitored 24 hours seven days a week by a control centre in Pennsylvania (USA), where they were first developed.

Peaches, John Dory, Honey, Ginger, Olive, Alfredo and Basil usually deliver more than 15,000 meals and transport food supplies to 360 food pantries across the 10 hectare campus each week.

Collectively they travel about 350 kilometres over seven days– or the equivalent of Perth to Bunbury and back.

Lasers and scanning devices are used to detect obstacles and WiFi ensures they maintain an accurate position on their journey.

The four foot high TUGs are capable of carrying up to 545 kilograms, which increases efficiency and significantly reduces the amount of manual handling our staff have to do.

They can ‘speak’ some 70 phrases, ride in hospital lifts, open doors and can even react to emergency alarms.