05/08/2021 - 13:39

Hollywood Private Hospital: Investing in Tech for Better Patient Outcomes

05/08/2021 - 13:39


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Investing in the latest technology and medical innovations in order to provide the best possible outcomes for patients is a priority at Hollywood Private Hospital.

Chief Executive Officer Peter Mott said adopting new medical technology was important for continued improvement in patient care, efficiency and to attract the best medical specialists.

“New facilities, combined with our commitment to robotics and the latest medical equipment, assist in making us leaders in health technology investment,” Mr Mott said.

New emergency department

Hollywood’s new emergency department is due to open later this year and will feature the latest equipment and technology.

The $67 million ED project features six levels and three new wards. It will expand the hospital’s capacity to over 900 licensed beds - securing Hollywood’s position as the largest hospital in WA.

The new ED is the final stage of a $200 million expansion by Ramsay Health Care to ensure Hollywood maintains its position as a contemporary campus with state-of-the-art facilities.


New endoscopy suite

The new endoscopy suite, in the Hollywood Consulting Centre, opened last year and offers patients a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, in state of the art surrounds.

The endoscopy suite has 17 bed bays,14 discharge pods and four large procedure rooms, all equipped with the latest high-definition endoscopes, processors and sterilising equipment.

The endoscopic ultrasound service provides high frequency ultrasound that can detect and biopsy lesions as small as two to three millimetres.

Ultra-high definition operating theatres

Hollywood’s $20 million fully integrated ultra-high definition operating theatres provide detailed images with four times the resolution used in many operating theatres. The technology is designed to help surgeons better distinguish between ligaments, muscles, tissues and other minute structures in the body.

New cardiology technology

The new cardiac theatre boasts leading edge technology. The facility features the HemoSphere advanced cardiac monitoring system and the advanced ultrasound device Medistim MiraQ Cardiac. The cardiothoracic service also uses the ClotPro which is designed to rapidly analyse patients’ blood to ensure they receive the best treatment in the timeliest fashion.

The ARTIS Pheno

Hollywood is a leader in vascular surgery and was one of the first hospitals in WA to provide the ARTIS Pheno angiogram technology. The ARTIS Pheno is designed to help with accuracy and reduce procedure times and radiation dosages. The innovation of the ARTIS Pheno may enable surgeons to diagnose and treat a broader range of illnesses, including more complex and challenging patient conditions.

The da Vinci Xi surgical system

Hollywood offers the da Vinci Xi robot for minimally invasive surgery. The da Vinci Xi robot surgical technology helps urologists with prostate cancer surgery.

The da Vinci Xi is designed to enhance a surgeon’s capabilities by helping with control, precision and movements. It features crystal-clear 3D HD vision and a platform designed to seamlessly integrate future innovations.

Orthopaedic robotics

There has been a significant increase in demand for orthopaedic services at Hollywood. To help cater for this, Hollywood invested in the ROSA and MAKO orthopaedic robotic technologies.

The ROSA combines computer navigation, soft tissue balancing, 3D modelling and robotics into a single package. The platform is designed to allow orthopaedic surgeons to plan pre-operatively in 3D where to position the implant with precision.

The MAKO robotic-arm assisted knee replacement surgery system is highly advanced and helps the surgeon to position the implant based on individual patient CT scans.

Fleet of autonomous robots

Hollywood has a fleet of fully autonomous robot TUGs operating as part of the catering team. They have been aptly named Peaches, John Dory, Honey, Ginger, Olive, Alfredo and Basil.

Hollywood was the first company in WA to deploy the TUGs, which deliver more than 15,000 meals and transport food supplies to 360 food pantries across the 10 hectare campus each week.

The seven TUGs have a detailed 3D map of the hospital stored in their memory and are monitored 24- hours, seven-days-a-week by a control centre in the US. The TUGs have lasers and scanning devices to detect obstacles and WiFi ensures they maintain an accurate position on their journey.

The TUGs can ‘speak’ about 70 phrases, ride in hospital lifts, open doors and can even react to emergency alarms.

“They are capable of carrying up to 545 kilograms, which increases efficiency and significantly reduces the risk of manual handling injury to our staff,” Mr Mott said.


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