15/04/2003 - 22:00


15/04/2003 - 22:00


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NEXT week’s Easter long weekend is a great opportunity to fill your belly with the good bunny’s chocolate treats and to spend some quality time with the family.


NEXT week’s Easter long weekend is a great opportunity to fill your belly with the good bunny’s chocolate treats and to spend some quality time with the family.

It also provides an ideal time to get away from the big smoke, and Gusto has found out where some of Perth’s corporate guys and gals head to unwind.

Andrew Coppin

State manager (WA)

Bell Potter Securities

Mr Coppin says his favourite Easter hangout is Rottnest, however this year he’ll be heading east.

“This year I am going to Melbourne and Sydney but if it wasn’t for work I would be heading to Rottnest again,” he says.

And so where is Rotto’s best dining spot?

“Sitting on the back of my boat eating dhufish with salad and a good WA white wine,” Mr Coppin says.

Greg Devine

Practice principal

Godfrey Pembroke Exchange Plaza

“I’m staying home this Easter. I’m staying home because I’m travelling all the time and the few guys I’m sitting here with [at the Sydney Airport lounge] are nodding in agreement. It’s been a tough year for business people,” Mr Devine says.

“I’m going to take the family to Altos. I just love it there. On Easter Sunday we are going to stay in and have a barbecue.

“I do all my shopping at Fresh Provisions in Mt Lawley. It’s open 24 hours a day and they have a great range. Tonight I probably won’t get back until 11pm and I’ll drop in. It’s more expensive but it is good for me.

“When I do go away it’s to Margaret River. I have a property down there.

“The year before we went to Cape Lodge. We also go to Vasse Felix; it’s not far away from my property.”

Graeme Yukich

Managing director

Entrust Private Wealth Management Pty Ltd

“I’m not going away this Easter, and to tell you the truth I don’t usually go away for Easter. Because we [he and his family] own the winery [Oakover Estate] it’s generally a very busy time of the year,” Mr Yukich says.

“But I catch up with them at the Swan Valley.”

And while investing time in family and wine, Mr Yukich says there’s plenty of good tucker to be had in the Swan Valley. It’s so good he says those heading to Margaret River should change course. Foodie spots that rank highly on Graeme’s list, besides food dished up at Oakover Estate, are Hansons Swan Valley and Sittella’s Winery and Cafe.

“People should head to the Swan Valley instead of Margaret River,” Mr Yukich says. “It’s a half an hour drive and it’s right on your doorstop and you don’t have to worry about accommodation and the like.”

Digby Scott


The Catalyst Group

“This year my wife and I are going down south. I don’t know if it will be as good as the Easter a couple of years ago, that was a good one,” Mr Scott says.

“Two years ago we went camping on a remote beach near Walpole. There was only one other tent on the beach and we survived on fish. We did take cans of food just in case, but it was a three-hour walk back to the car.

“It was just brilliant. We like to do that, just go bush.

“This Easter, though, my dad is building a house near Busselton so we are going to camp in his backyard and, yes, we will probably have some home-cooked meals.

Sally Capp

Managing director

Australian Heritage Group

“This Easter will be interes-ting, we are going to Rottnest. In the whole time I have been in WA, that’s seven years, we have only been there once and that was a day trip, so we’ve never stayed there,” Ms Capp says.

“I have no idea about what food places are there.

“We will be taking the fishing rods and we are staying at the Lodge. We are taking the boys and my husband’s family are coming over, so there will be 16 of us.

“Usually we go back east or go down south. I’ve had great nights at Newton House; we’ve been to the new restaurant at Lamont’s and that wasn’t bad. Leeuwin is good and Vasse Felix are really well set up.

“They were fantastic with the kids.

“They happily did pasta dishes for them, it was really good.”


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