17/06/2003 - 22:00


17/06/2003 - 22:00


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A long-awaited gallery and art gallery project is just one of the many happenings in Perth’s gastronomic scene. Julie-anne Sprague investigates.


A long-awaited gallery and art gallery project is just one of the many happenings in Perth’s gastronomic scene. Julie-anne Sprague investigates.

DOMINIC Lalor’s long-planned art gallery-come-cocktail bar has now opened in King Street.

Known as Hudson Galleries the site not only sports good art but also fine beverages. Mr Lalor acquired a special facility licence last year so expect to see a few functions taking place at this new hot spot. Located at 76 King Street the gallery is the result of significant design work to the heritage building.

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A TOUCH of New Orleans will be added to Ivan Rutherford’s Red Herring Restaurant each and every Friday evening. The launch of Shucks Oyster Bar takes place tomorrow at 4.30pm and, according to Mr Rutherford, its name was sourced from an oyster bar in New Orleans.

“I was there about two or three years ago and came across the Shucks name,” he said.

“I came back and registered it with the intention of doing that here.”

Mr Rutherford said his regular clientele wanted an oyster bar nearby and so the name Oyster returns to the site. (Red Herring was formerly known as Oyster Beds).

The Shucks Oyster Bar will be located inside the Red Herring Restaurant and will be accompanied by a good range of sushi. Once the bar closes at 7pm the Red Herring will kick back into action for dinner.

“When you come into the main entrance you will see the bar in the middle,” Mr Rutherford said.

“We will take out the chairs and tables and have bar tables in here where people can stand around and enjoy some oysters.

“Once it finishes we will open up the function room and people can order dinner.

“We will reset the other room for later dinner bookings.”

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THE Old Bailey Tavern in Joondalup has new owners.

Former proprietor Sonje Gastevich recently sold the premises to Peter George and a consortium of business people.

That leaves some spare time for Ms Gastevich to begin the fit out of East Perth bar and brasserie Bailey on Majestic.

Located at Mirvac Fini’s South Cove development, the tavern is scheduled for completion in late September. However, Ms Gastevich’s Subiaco tavern, the Bailey at Centro is still far from completion. Her liquor licence application has been denied.

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MURRAY Kimber’s battle to convert Subiaco’s Chutney Mary’s into the Centro Wine and Coffee House seems to have been lost.

The City of Subiaco denied Mr Kimber planning approval last year, however, he took the matter to the Town Planning Appeals Tribunal earlier this year.

After several weeks of deliberating the tribunal has ruled in favour of the City of Subiaco.

Development of his latest lease purchase at the Domain Furniture Site in Highgate is yet to commence.

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Michael Forde and good friend Andrew Faucet have purchased Fremantle art entrenched restaurant Harvest – The Artists Garden.

It’s more commonly known as Harvest and has been operated by Murray Gill for several years.

Mr Forde has been on the lookout for a permanent abode to exercise his culinary talents for some time and, with the help of wine expert Mr Faucet, he expects the site to run well.

Mr Faucet has been working in the UK, most recently at the River Cafe where he was the sommelier.

There will be no striking changes to Harvest’s operations – the art will stay – but expect to see Mr Forde’s talents exposed fully on the menu.


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