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Grant Transformers - more than meets the eye

26/10/2020 - 11:48


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Grant Transformers is transforming the Australian electrical engineering industry by focusing on ‘solutioneering’ — finding a solution to a problem and engineering it locally.

The Western Australian business provides end-to-end solutions incorporating transformer design, refurbishment, manufacturing, testing, repairs and logistics and supply.

Keeping it local

Grant Transformers has a long history in Western Australia, with electrical contractor Ron Grant starting the Grant Electrical Industries in 1931. It was, in fact, the first business in the state to be issued an electrical license and carried out all types of electrical work across Western Australia. 

Ingenuity has long been a focus of the business and over the years it branched into switchboards, elevators, tools and transformers. Typical of the boom and bust cycle in Western Australia, the business has been through its ups and downs. The 1980’s saw a boom in business, with Grant Transformers continuing to grow and provide all types of dry and epoxy transformers, as well as specially designed DC systems. 

This involved a high level of technical and manufacturing expertise, as well as knowing the needs of the customer, which underpins the business today. A downturn in business in the early 2010’s almost closed Grant Transformers for good but thankfully Rohan Borrell purchased the business. It received another lifeline in the form of a new CEO in January 2017.

Forging ahead

Today, Grant Transformers’ CEO Marco da Silva is using his passion and almost 18 years of transformer and power conditioning experience to turn it around. He’s increased the revenue by more than 600 per cent in the last three years and more than doubled staff numbers at the same time. 

“Our phenomenal expansion, through organic growth, has been achieved by passion, hard work, refined internal processes and building relationships with customers,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if a customer is spending a little or a lot, we treat all jobs the same. “Everything we do is bespoke and specialised, with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. “We consult and engage with the customer to create a reliable product — we want to bring a return of investment to them.

“We are punching above our weight delivering large power transformers to projects over east as well. “I’m really proud of that and grateful to our supportive clients.” 

There are four key variables to be considered when designing a transformer: power rating, environment, voltage and application and the products made by Grant Transformers are manufactured utilising superior quality materials. R&D is also a big part of the business and customers come from both private and public sectors, with Grant Transformers even creating unique and complex transformers for naval/military applications. 

Mr da Silva said his primary objective for the business was to keep skills and knowledge in Western Australia, with about 60 per cent of equipment manufactured locally. “Although we can’t always produce the complete transformer here over a specific rating and voltage, we can keep the design, integrate, test and carry out quality control locally,” he said. “It’s part of our ‘solutioneering’ service — we like to be challenged.”

Mr da Silva said customers were welcome to visit the Grant Transformers facility, where a museum of technologies and devices have been collected over the early years of Grant Transformers. This gives people the opportunity to discover what Grant Transformers can do and it’s this approach that continues to drive the business forward. “We want to be able to celebrate when the business reaches 100 years,” Mr da Silva said.

Grant Transformers can supply literally any type of transformer, based on customer needs, for various applications. These include:

  • Distribution transformers (both oil cooled or cast resin)
  • Power transformers (both oil cooled and cast resin type)
  • Isolation transformers up to IP65 (dry or epoxy encapsulated)
  • Auto transformers and motor start transformers, single and three phase control/ auxillary transformers
  • Inductors, chokes, sinewave filters and reactors
  • Earthing transformers and NER’s
  • Kiosk and bunded transformers
  • Enviromentally friendly transformers using FM approved FR3 oil.

Grant Transformers also offers rails spec transformers, mil spec transformers and, of course, mine spec transformers. 

Contact Grant Transformers to find out how they can ‘solutioneer’ your electrical problems.




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