28/09/1999 - 22:00

Future brighter for business

28/09/1999 - 22:00


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THINGS are looking up in West Perth according to local retail and restaurant owners and managers.

Future brighter for business
THINGS are looking up in West Perth according to local retail and restaurant owners and managers.

For Stags Menswear proprietor Joseph Fagarazzi business continues to improve and the outlook is good.

In fact, Mr Fagarazzi is so confident that he has just signed a new ten year lease agreement to remain in the Westcentre in Hay Street, West Perth.

The reason for his optimism is the move toward inner city developments which will revitalise the area.

Shops and restaurants in West Perth are currently still reliant on Monday to Friday office trade.

Mr Fagarazzi said the biggest drawback for West Perth was the lack of people living in the area.

“If you want to open up for late night trading it is very difficult. At the moment you can’t extend your business hours because no one is in the area at night,” he said.

Giacci’s Mediterranean restaurant assistant manager, Tania McCarthy agrees: “West Perth at night is not that busy; there’s not much night-time entertainment. It is more of a business suburb.”

Mr Fagarazzi believes despite limited after hours business at present, West Perth has potential.

“I think West Perth is a place that has a lot of future, especially with the development that is occurring in the area. With townhouses and people living in the area it should improve and come alive again.

“I think with townhouses in the area there will be a need for a supermarket,” he said.

Mr Fagarazzi said, although the inner city development would be good for the area, it would probably take another five years before he would feel the

benefits of it.

Mr Fagarazzi also said there was a need for Hay Street to be open to two-way traffic.

He hopes the new developments will put pressure on council to make the necessary changes to improve traffic flow in the area.


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