19/06/2012 - 13:14

Feral opens Bassendean brewhouse

19/06/2012 - 13:14


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Feral opens Bassendean brewhouse
Feral head brewer Harry Varis says the added capacity will not alter the company's passion for handcrafted beers.

Feral Brewery has opened a new brewhouse in Bassendean which will allow it to increase its yearly brewing capacity to 2.5 million litres, grow its range of handcrafted beers and increase its foothold in the eastern states.

Head brewer Brendan Varis said Feral had been brewing at its current 400,000 litre capacity for some time now and demand had begun to outstrip supply.

“It is fitting that the growth has come in our 10th anniversary year, as it signals to us that Australians are more adventurous than most people think as they have embraced our unique range over the past decade,” Mr Varis said.

Mr Varis said despite the increased capacity, Feral would maintain its commitment to handcrafted boutique brews.

“Making beer is my passion so we will definitely still be very hands on,” he said. “In fact, the new system will allow us to experiment with a lot more styles of craft beers while enabling us to supply a larger market.”

The move for more capacity follows the announcement in May that Feral had been named Australia’s best brewery, at the Australian International Beer Awards.



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