14/05/2018 - 12:42

DroneShield establishes military showcase for anti drone products

14/05/2018 - 12:42


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DroneShield has set up a demonstration hub for its cutting-edge range of anti-drone products in the Netherlands where the NATO Joint Force is headquartered. Next month the company will present its suite of drone-combatting products at the new hub to NATO Governments including military, law enforcement and secret service agencies. It will then hold a series of demonstrations across Europe.

ASX-listed DroneShield has launched a European hub in the Netherlands to demonstrate its range of innovative drone-combatting products to NATO military, law enforcement and secret service agencies.

The counter-drone tech company said this week that the hub, located where the NATO Joint Force is headquartered, had commenced operation and that its first demonstration to NATO Government departments would take place next month.

According to DroneShield management, the company’s range of drone-fighting technology will be on show at the new European hub, including the RadarZero, RfOne and DroneGun Tactical products.

The hub also incorporates DroneShield’s latest drone jamming technology in the form of its DroneCannon product, which now provides complete vertical coverage of the airspace.

The Netherlands is a key NATO country and DroneShield sees the new demonstration hub as an important vehicle for showing European end-users its products in action before making purchase commitments.

In its latest market update, the ASX Junior said the first demonstration to NATO agencies at the Dutch hub would take place in early June and this will be followed by presentations across Europe.

DroneShield will be conducting several additional demonstrations in Europe over the next two months, as part of the procurement processes that it is going through with a number of governmental end-users,” the company said.

The successful establishment of the NATO-focused hub comes after DroneShield recently secured $210,000 worth of new purchase orders from one of its European distributors, signalling the potential of the EU as a major counter-drone market.

In a relatively short space of time, DroneShield’s products have already gained a solid foothold in the market place and have been used to protect a number of high profile events from possible aerial drone attacks.

DroneShield has previously provided its products to a number of top-tier clients including several middle eastern militaries, the Prime Minister of Turkey, the World Economic Forum, the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, ASEAN, and the Boston Marathon.






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