Gina Rinehart at Roy Hill's berths in Port Hedland

Double win for Gina Rinehart and Hancock at the Mines and Money Awards

Gina Rinehart and Hancock Prospecting have been recognised this week at the 16th Annual Mines and Money Awards for Outstanding Achievement in London, winning two awards.Mrs Rinehart was awarded a special award for her outstanding contribution in the mining and resources sector.

Hancock Prospecting’s Executive Chairman was recognised for not only her leadership in the development of the mining and resources sector in her adult lifetime, but also for her mentoring.

Her leadership has included bringing to fruition the development of four major mines at Hope Downs in more recent years, with JV partner Rio Tinto, the financing and development of the Roy Hill mega project, the founding and patronage of Australia's annual National Mining and Related Industries Day, two books and strong public advocacy for miners and the mining industry.

Hancock Prospecting, of which Mrs Rinehart has been Executive Chairman for over 25 years, was also recognised winning the prestigious Mining Company of the Year (Australia) Award for its impressive milestones and achievements. Hancock Prospecting is now the largest private company in the Australian mining industry, after being in the early 1990’s, prior to Mrs Rinehart’s Executive Chairmanship, in severe difficulties.

The Mines and Money Awards for Outstanding Achievement are billed as the most prestigious awards for the global mining investment community which attract over 500 industry leaders from all corners of the mining investment world.
Speaking following the award wins, Mrs Rinehart said she was more than delighted to be acknowledged for a lifetime’s commitment and dedication to the and resources and mining industry, and her mentoring role, most recently culminating in the highly successful delivery of the USD$10 billion Roy Hill iron ore project. 

“Mining and its related industries are huge contributors to our country and help to maintain and improve our living standards. It means a great deal to me to be recognised in this way by the prestigious Mines and Money’s internationally renowned awards” Mrs Rinehart said. 

“There are many people who have supported me over the years especially Hancock Executive Director Tad Watroba, my small team of executives and many other hard-working, long-term and dedicated staff. We are also proud of our endeavours over decades at Hope Downs, four major mines have been built there along with Roy Hill’s fast ramp up to 55Mpta – the fastest in Australia.”

Commenting on Hancock Prospecting’s win taking out the Mining Company of the Year (Australia) award, Hancock Prospecting Executive Director Tad Watroba said “Hancock under the chairmanship of Mrs Gina Rinehart, has a long history of working in the mining industry and bringing world scale resources project to fruition. This award is very worthy recognition of Hancock’s leading mining business. Hancock is now one of the largest private companies in Australia, and the largest private mining company in Australia and in Australia’s history.”

“Mrs. Rinehart has turned the company from one that was in severe financial difficulties, with its few remaining assets either heavily mortgaged or under legal threat or claim, into a global mining business with major investments in the Pilbara in north west Australia, and other Australian states, along with international investments in the UK, Canada and Ecuador. It has been my great pleasure and privilege to have been working beside Mrs Rinehart throughout her chairmanship, and to be able to witness the truly remarkable growth of this Australian company, and mining house. Thank you very much to the Mines & Money team for this recognition.”


Great to see a Western Australian publication recognising and acknowledging the great work of a WA headquartered company for winning two prestigious awards internationally. It's a wonder more publications aren't recognising these types of achievements, as this is what we want to read about. A company that contributes so much to WA and to Australia - we need to learn more! Well done Gina and the Hancock Group - keep up the good work.

The Whitsundays
Congratulations to Mrs Rinehart and all involved at Hancock Prospecting on the occasion of being recognised for their incredible contribution in the mining, resource sectors and beyond. Clearly these most prestigious awards are so well earned and the result of the incredible team work acumen of Hancock Prospecting and brilliant leadership by Mrs Rinehart. This genuinely registers as a huge advantage to Western Australia, and Australia in general, and now noted globally once again. What a wonderful way to round off a year observing an Australian company at the pinnacle of such success.

Main Beach, Qld
This really is a remarkable achievement for an Australian company with an extraordinary team leader. A testament to hard work and determination. Congratulations, Mrs Rinehart and Hancock Prospecting. Your recognition on the world stage makes me very proud to be Australian.

Perth, Western Australian
Congratulations to Mrs Rinehart for receiving these prestigious awards. Great to see the outcome of all those years of hard work being recognised internationally. Never daunted by the naysayers she did it anyway.

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