Dash Digital relationship formalised

05/08/2013 - 12:43


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Patrick Connell, Glen Moora and Russell Francis

The increasing demand for digital and mobile expertise in branding strategies has prompted Chameleon Creative and Reignite to formalise a six-year long relationship.

The two firms are to join forces and work under the Dash Digital brand - intended as a branding agency with specific expertise in web and mobile projects coming from Reignite's technical experience.

Chameleon and Reignite have been working continuously for six years under the Dash Digital brand, which was established as a digital marketing agency operating under the Chameleon business structure.

The merged agency becomes the seventh branding-focussed agency in the Perth market  - on par with Gatecrasher advertising which recently merged with Bowtell Clarke and Yole.

Chameleon was founded in 1986 by Patrick Connell and the sub-brand of Dash Digital as a marketing agency emerged in recent years.

Mr Connell said the increasing demand for complex technical solutions in connecting people with brands was an opportunity for the company to merge with Reignite, which has been in business since 2005.

Reignite’s director and new chief executive of Dash Digital, Russell Francis, said digital and mobile capability was imperative with the continued emergence of mobile apps.

“The first wave (of mobile apps) was fun and games. The second wave is a very technical, great-looking app that is not only an extension of the brand, but enables an advanced user experience and is fully integrates with a business’ backend systems,” Mr Francis said.

“The rise of the second wave demands a hybrid offering between the core skills of brands, marketing and technical provides, which is exactly where Dash sits.”



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