Connected IO launches new miniature modem for Internet of Things

ASX-listed Connected IO continues to blaze a trail in the burgeoning “internet of things” global market with the launch of a new wireless modem device designed to take advantage of the latest low latency broadband cellular network known as “Cat 1”.

Cat 1 has been built and deployed by major mobile service companies around the world to provide an optimized, cost effective network specifically for the internet of things. 

The internet of things concept is all about connecting devices and other “things” to the internet so they can be monitored, controlled and interacted with in real time.

Connected IO’s new Cat 1 modem devices are not much larger than a computer chip and are designed to transfer relatively small amounts of data on a narrow bandwidth. This means dramatically lower costs and longer battery life compared to earlier generations of internet of things hardware.

Connected IO’s new release launch follows hard on the heels of Telstra’s rollout in February of a dedicated Cat 1 communications network for internet of things users. A typical use for a Cat 1 network running Connected IO’s new devices might be battery-operated, remote asset tracking such as on pallets or hired machinery.

CIO’s Chief Executive Officer, Yakov Temov, said “We are proud of our continued leadership in the evolution of IOT solutions, and confident that are now Cat 1 product line will help pave the way for an accelerated adoption of IOT.”

Telstra’s group Managing Director of networks, Mike Wright, said: “Building Cat-M1 services for IOT using the scale and standardisation of the 3GPP roadmap allows the rapid rollout of Cat-M1 through a new network software activation and provides an ideal platform for a proliferation of IOT devices and applications.”

The new product launch follows news last month that Connected IO had strengthened its flagship partnership arrangements with the two major telcos in the USA, Verizon and AT&T.

AT&T has signed a “machine to machine” communications agreement with Connected IO that enables the companies to collaborate on key initiatives and jointly target high-profile customers.

Connected IO also upgraded their partnership arrangement with Verizon whereby the two companies will jointly target opportunities such as the burgeoning drone and robotics markets.

Modem devices already sold by Connected IO allow Coca-Cola to determine when their vending machines will run out of stock and they also sit on top of street poles in Tennessee to provide security vision for Police amongst many other uses

As with all game changing innovations, the Internet of things concept has rocketed from a futuristic dream of management consultants to a global phenomenon in just a few short years. 

Cisco, the world leader in IT and networking, predicts there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet of things by 2020.

If Connected IO can lock down any kind of share of that market they will be in the box seat for a ride that will likely go on for decades. 

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