ClearVue hits its straps as world embraces green energy

ClearVue Technologies solar window glass technology is gaining momentum and now has a firm foothold in renewable energy markets across the globe. The Perth company is now firmly on the radar of the global smart product building industry. ClearVue has developed two products that can be fitted to window glass that are capable of turning that glass into an energy-generating panel. One is a thin laminate film that is pressed between two pieces of window glass. It collects energy from the sun before distributing it to Cleavue’s other proprietary product, a solar panel that resides at the edge of each window panel.

The company’s expansion plans have been gaining momentum with several supply agreements now signed and collaborative testing arrangements in place across the globe with counterparties from a range of significant energy markets including China, Europe and the US.

ClearVue recently signed a manufacturing agreement with Chinese aluminium window and door manufacturer, Jiangsu YY Windows and Curtain Wall System Company. , Jiangsu YY makes aluminium double and triple glazed windows, with Australian and New Zealand markets making up around 80% of its business. It is also a significant supplier to the US market.  

ClearVue also secured a lucrative-looking manufacturing and supply agreement with Taiwan’s BeyondPV Company for the initial production of over 200,000 of its solar strip modules.

BeyondPV is also looking to pump funding into research and development, further advancing ClearVue’s technological innovations.

ClearVue has recently met the requirements of key international safety standards for its unique solar window glass technology, clearing the way into the burgeoning European and US smart energy markets. ClearVue received its very desirable electrical and safety certification following 12 months of rigorous testing protocols.

With sustainability markets booming around the world, ClearVue’s collaboration with sustainable infrastructure specialist AquaGen has also given it a leg up in the USA.

AquaGen has integrated ClearVue’s energy-generating PV windows into a greenhouse project at Dennis‐Yarmouth Regional High School in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts USA – this greenhouse is planned to house an algae‐based waste treatment system.

Waste and wastewater will be pumped through the plumbing that houses the algae, where it will then consume most of the waste solids and pathogens, producing clean water – and ClearVue’s window panels will power the technology.  

Elsewhere, ClearVue has confirmed the successful ongoing scientific-technical study carried out by researchers from the Edith Cowan University for a trial of its solar glass at the Warwick Grove Shopping Centre in Perth.

The company has also been working closely with Perth-based progressive industrial outfit, Mirreco, towards the development of that company’s first demonstration hemp-based “eco mini-home”, branded “Project Lumecast”.

Mirreco has secured a development site at WA’s new world-class eco-village development near Fremantle.

The company’s Lumecast hemp “Carbon Architecture” mini home will showcase ClearVue’s PV power generating window glazing panels and Mirreco’s Carbon Asset Storage Technology and forms part of a broader sustainable urban housing demonstration village.

ClearVue has ordered its window panels from YY Windows and they are expected to be installed into the innovative mini home in the coming months.

ClearVue also said that it had made progress with Murdoch University in Perth, for the construction and installation of a greenhouse that will be covered with the company’s PV panels, with activities expected to ramp-up in coming months after appropriate council approvals are received.

Clear Vue Executive Chairman Mr Victor Rosenberg said: “The December quarter has seen the company complete its most significant milestones to date...ClearVue signed a collaboration agreement with ROOTS to share opportunities in the agriculture market and to build a combined demonstration greenhouse in Israel. The greenhouse market is looking increasingly important to the Company and will be one of the focuses for the Company during 2020…”

“The work the ClearVue team has been doing with the Solar Skyrise team in Canada has been critical to this process as their software solution is able to very accurately model the integration of our product into new or old buildings and provide a highly localised report specific to the building in any country or region and factor in local considerations such as geography, surrounding buildings, solar and tax incentives, carbon embodiment etcetera – all information critical to selling the ClearVue product into large construction projects.”

The world appears to be in the grip of an almost cult-like green frenzy right now and it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon.

Poll after poll shows that members of the public are increasingly willing to spend additional money to minimise their environmental impact.

ClearVue’s product almost looks like the holy grail for those that are interested in harnessing the power of the sun rather than burning fossil fuels.


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